Design by artist SAM3 being painted on Cleveland Water's surge tank off the west end Shoreway <span class='image-credits'>Bob Perkoski</span> Reflection of City Hall from Hilton Cleveland Downtown <span class='image-credits'>Bob Perkoski</span> Metro Parks Centennial Trail 5K <span class='image-credits'>Bob Perkoski</span> Representatives of the Vietnamese Garden at the One World Festival <span class='image-credits'>Bob Perkoski</span> Looking out from the Global Center for Health Innovation <span class='image-credits'>Bob Perkoski</span> The Blue Angels - Cleveland National Air Show <span class='image-credits'>Bob Perkoski</span>


Street LevelAbolition Bakery at the Old Brooklyn Farmers Market

This Old Brooklyn bakery is fighting human trafficking, one cupcake bouquet at a time

A cupcake bouquet can make anyone's day—but, for some, it can make a world of difference. Enter Abolition Bakery, the brainchild of Old Brooklyn resident Rita Ballenger. Celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, the home-based bakery operation donates a portion of its proceeds to help combat a devastating issue: human trafficking.

Breaking GroundCenter for Arts-Inspired Learning

New Glenville creative arts learning center aims to inspire youth

FRONT International may have concluded its colorful run, but the former FRONT Porch space in Glenville will continue its arts and culture legacy with the opening of the new Center for Arts-Inspired Learning—a creative arts center for children and teens set to open this Sunday, October 21.

Feature StoryOld Brooklyn resident LaRaun Clayton

The stories of Old Brooklyn come alive at FreshWater's On the Ground storytelling event

As Cleveland's largest neighborhood, Old Brooklyn has no shortage of compelling stories to be shared, and our storytelling event provided the perfect platform to do just that.

Breaking Groundwho's hiring

Who's Hiring in CLE: NASTT, Cleveland Restoration Society, Global Cleveland, WEWS, HelloFresh....

Welcome to the latest edition of FreshWater Cleveland's “Who’s Hiring” series, where we feature growing companies with open positions, what they’re looking for, and how to apply. This installment includes jobs from NASTT, Cleveland Restoration Society, Global Cleveland, WEWS, HelloFresh, and Trinity Cathedral. Click here for the freshest job opportunities fit to print.  

Feature StoryGavin and Brooke Lehman of Cleveland Blacksmithing, LLC

What’s old is new again: Clevelanders are embracing time-honored trades

While The Land looks toward the future with a boom in growth and development, many Clevelanders are turning towards the past with a growing interest in crafts dating back thousands of years. Cases in point: MidTown's burgeoning Glass Corridor, and the trendy-by-accident Cleveland Blacksmithing.

Street LevelHumez work-in-progress: a figure from from illustrator George Kocar's Parade of Fools.

Invisible touch: How a local sculptor is translating modern art into 3D brain candy for the blind

Pop-surrealist sculptor Leslie Edwards Humez is on a mission to make contemporary art accessible to the blind with her Perceiving Art Through Sculpture (PATS) initiative. For the past six months, Edwards Humez has been creating sculptural replicas of paintings and illustrations—which are then scanned and 3D printed as a means to getting visual ideas into the hands of the blind community.

Breaking GroundIndependence Place apartments

Today is World Homeless Day. How can you help? The YWCA Greater Cleveland has a few ideas.

With today designated as World Homeless Day, the YWCA is turning its lens on Cleveland—where there are more than 22,000 people homeless annually, and about 4,000 people homeless each night (according to the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless).

Breaking GroundCDC East Stokes

Patient-centered design will set apart the new Centers for Dialysis Care in University Circle

It’s been a year since Panzica Construction started building a new two-story, 48,000-square-foot flagship treatment facility for the Centers for Dialysis Care (CDC) at Stokes Boulevard and Carnegie Avenue in University Circle—and the project will soon be rounding the bend toward completion.

Street LevelOld Brooklyn Families Group 4

How this Cleveland neighborhood found the secret sauce for urban families to thrive

With ample greenspace, inviting residential streets, decent walkability, and an array of businesses, Old Brooklyn seems to check off many of the boxes for the modern urban family—even branding itself as “Cleveland’s accessible, family-friendly neighborhood.” But does it really live up to the hype?

Street LevelFree Stamp

Free Stamp: All things free in the #CLE for October 2018

Fresh Water's monthly "Free Stamp" feature rounds up the freshest free events in Cleveland.

Street LevelRutu Home 2

Could school buses be housing for the homeless? St. Ed's High School students say yes

St. Edward High School's newly-unveiled Lowe Institute for Innovation is already driving students to give back to Cleveland with an ambitious project: transitional, affordable housing for the homeless in the form of upcycled school buses.

Feature StoryL-R: Jenice Contreras,Executive Director of Northeast Ohio Hispanic Center for Economic Development, Haguit Marrero of Pura Cepa, Lalo Rodriguez of Café Social Latinoamericano and Jeanette Ortiz of Ortiz Art Drafts Designs, LLC

La Villa Hispana begins a new chapter with the food entrepreneurs who helped shape it

When Haguit Marrero got word that the Hispanic Business Center was assisting startups, it sparked an idea: she would cater the same recipes her mother and grandmother had taught her on the island when she was a kid. Enter Pura Cepa (‘full-blooded’), her culinary attempt to return Puerto Rican cuisine to its faraway roots. “When you’re on the island,” she says, “people always ask, ‘Are you pura cepa?’ I want other people like me to be proud of saying, Si, soy.” Today Pura Cepa is one of four businesses spotlighted in La Villa Hispana’s latest development in business incubation: Las Tienditas del Mercado.

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