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Douglas Trattner

Douglas Trattner is a fulltime freelance writer, editor and author. In addition to acting as Managing Editor of Fresh Water, he is the Dining Editor of Cleveland Scene, author of “Moon Handbooks: Cleveland,” and co-author with Michael Symon on two New York Times best-selling cookbooks. His work has appeared in Food Network magazine, Miami Herald, Globe and Mail, Wine & Spirits, Cleveland Magazine and others. He lives in Cleveland Hts. with his wife, two dogs, five chickens and 20,000 honeybees.


The Forty-O-Five Place

as the number of visitors to cleveland rises, so too does the number of local airbnb hosts

As the number of travelers with their sights set on Cleveland rises, so too does the number of entrepreneurs willing to rent those visitors a place to crash via Airbnb. From a spare room in one’s home to the entire home itself, the number of available short-term rentals in the area is spiking. 

City Life tour hosted by Cleveland Neighborhood Progress

relocation station: how one bus tour exposes potential new residents to the joys of urban living

If you're considering a move to Cleveland, there might be no better means to examine the broad range of residential options than by hopping aboard a City Life tour hosted by Cleveland Neighborhood Progress. In a few short hours, participants enjoy an immersive dive into a number of Cleveland's most in-demand neighborhoods.  

Wilson Family Chickens - Susana, Matt and Charlie

pets with benefits: how urban chickens are helping to build community

It's been four years since Cleveland began allowing residents to keep chickens and one year for Cleveland Heights. Rather than the chicken-induced apocalypse predicted by some vocal critics, neither city has experienced any significant issues. In fact, chickens are improving communities in unexpected ways.

Will Hollingsworth

more than a few words with will hollingsworth, builder of the perfect bar

If you've enjoyed a drink at Lolita on a weekend night during the past two and a half years, chances are good Will Hollingsworth poured it. During that same period of time, Hollingsworth has been formulating his greatest recipe yet: The perfect bar, which will open this summer in Tremont.

Chef Doug Katz

chef doug katz doubles down on lee road's luckless diners

When it opens this spring, The Katz Club Diner will become the sixth enterprise to hazard a bet on the twin diner cars on Lee Road in Cleveland Heights. But this time around -- thanks to the skill and experience of chef-owner Doug Katz -- the odds are not stacked against its success.
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