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Jamilla Naji art at 78th St Studios - Photo Bob Perkoski
Jamilla Naji art at 78th St Studios - Photo Bob Perkoski | Show Photo

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This two-square mile tract between downtown and University Circle is fast becoming one of the hottest regions for economic development. Indeed, it was recently designated by the State of Ohio as an official Hub of Innovation and Opportunity.

In between -- both geographically and aesthetically -- the density of downtown's urban core and the leafy plains of the suburbs, MidTown offers a best-of-both-worlds situation for forward-thinking start-ups, services and urban pioneers. Affordable real estate, vacant parcels, and proximity to the region's leading medical institutions, make the area a natural for the biomedical, health care and technology companies that continue to spin-off from Cleveland Clinic, Case and University Hospitals.

Dubbed the Cleveland Health-Tech Corridor, the district already is home to 75 biomedical and 45 high-tech companies. But many more are on the way thanks to a collaborative effort between public and private organizations like the City of Cleveland, Team NEO, Cleveland Foundation and the Greater Cleveland Partnership. Together, these partners are working to remake MidTown into a global leader for health and medical innovation.

MidTown is a true mixed-use district, filled as it is with everything from photo studios and print shops to apartments and restaurants. Proximity to major highways and the city's main corridors makes transportation east, west, north or south a breeze. "Parking problem" is an oxymoron thanks to private lots and numerous spaces.