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Detroit Shoreway

Detroit Shoreway - Photo by Bob Perkoski
Detroit Shoreway - Photo by Bob Perkoski
The prestigious Cleveland Arts Prize is normally reserved for folks whose work has somehow enriched life in Northeast Ohio. So, it was without precedent when the Gordon Square Arts District (GSAD), the arts-focused economic driver of the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood, nabbed the 2010 prize.

Like many inner-ring suburbs, this once-thriving community hemorrhaged residents over the past few decades. But thanks in no small part to GSAD and the well-run Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization, the neighborhood is again one of the fastest-growing areas of Cleveland. Long-standing anchors like Cleveland Public Theatre and the recently restored Capitol Theatre are now joined by new retail, bars, restaurants, and entertainment outlets.

The Cleveland EcoVillage is a national demonstration project for ecologically responsible urban living. Incorporated into its design are principles of energy efficiency, transit-oriented living, eco-friendly construction and sustainability. Nearby, the Lorain Avenue Antiques District is the largest concentration of antique dealers on the West Side.

Detroit Shoreway Features

parks 2.0: focus now shifting from developments to green space in between

As urban neighborhoods become more vibrant, planners are turning their attention to creating world-class public spaces to complement the latest flurry of development. Three new or improved parks have just been unveiled this year: Scranton Flats, the marina at North Coast Harbor and Rivergate.

putting art at the heart of neighborhood redevelopment

Artists are often the first to move into urban neighborhoods, and also the first to move out when rents escalate. Yet in the post-recession landscape, many communities are working with artists to transform blight, engage residents and reimagine their neighborhoods.

from bust to boom: how the city's brand is on the rise, within our borders and beyond

There has been a flood of new businesses that tout the city through an assortment of Cleveland-themed apparel and products or by integrating the city name right into the company’s branding. Many point to the recent recession as the dawn of this entrepreneurial movement, which coincided with a newfound pride of place.

now schooling: cooking up a solution to the growing culinary talent gap

As our restaurant scene continues to thrive, local chefs and owners increasingly are finding it difficult to fill all open positions. Institutions in town, including an accredited culinary school, have their merits, say local restaurateurs, but they also have a way to go before they reach the point where they'll plug the culinary talent gap.  

rediscovering your hometown? there's an app for that

Sometimes, even the most adventurous resident can grow a little too comfortable living in the same city after a while. But one can always find something new to discover if we just dig a little deeper. Lucky for us, a number of smartphone apps will help the explorer in all of us get reacquainted with the city we call home.
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