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Medical Center Company's one megawatt solar farm

making sustainability in cleveland the new business-as-usual

In the past five years, Cleveland has made significant progress towards becoming a “green city on a blue lake.” This year’s Sustainable Cleveland 2019 summit will focus on leveraging those successes. But how sustainable are we? A new report examines key indicators and highlights some of the newest, greenest projects across the city. 

Dante Centuori with moon rock

insider's guide to cleveland museums: curators show off their favorite artifacts

For every well-regarded artifact on display in Cleveland’s world-class museums there are countless more that fly under the radar. Fresh Water tagged along with curators from area museums as they showed off their favorite hidden gems, sharing often untold stories and behind-the-scenes peeks at choice treasures. 

Sidewalk Festival for the Performing Arts

how the arts inspire change in detroit

In Detroit, art isn’t just something to look at. The city’s rich artistic tradition has been an essential ingredient for cultivating community resilience, engagement and vitality.

SOUP Cleveland

SOUP's on: meal-based micro-grant program for creative projects takes root in cleveland

Based on the dinner-party model, Cleveland SOUP provides financial support for innovative, locally based initiatives that touch on sustainability, public art and diversity. As garnering funds can often be one of the tallest hurdles for independent upstarts, SOUP has helped offset those costs in more than 60 cities.

Republican National Covention in Tampa

reps from prior convention host cities offer tips on how best to leverage the big show

Tampa Bay successfully hosted the Republicans in 2012, and Denver hosted the Democrats four years before that. Fresh Water decided to reach out to representatives from each city to see if our fair city could glean some best practices on how to pull off a successful -- and inclusive -- convention.

A Beer Four All Seasons

how local is your beer? craft brewers increasingly employing local, seasonal ingredients

Despite our obsession with locally brewed craft beer, many of the ingredients that go into those suds are anything but local. But that is quickly changing as area brewmasters increasingly seek out ways to tap into the local ‘farm-to-pint’ movement by adding more and more fresh ingredients.

Denver at dusk

what cities like cleveland can learn from denver

Fueled by collaboration, the Mile High City is investing in transit-oriented development while also preserving its historic neighborhoods. Denver has gained 50,000 new residents in the past four years, outpacing its suburbs and most other metro areas.

The Terminal Tower

new life for a grand old dame: terminal tower steps into the 21st century

Once among the tallest buildings in the world, the Terminal Tower remains the signature landmark of the Cleveland skyline. Following a massive top-to-bottom, inside-out renovation in 2005, the iconic structure is welcoming a host of new commercial tenants, including start-ups looking for co-working space. 


small-scale, big deal: UIX invites urban innovators to exchange ideas in detroit

Cities are reinventing themselves in creative new ways. Can small-scale projects have big impact? Join the Urban Innovation Exchange September 24-26 in Detroit to explore creative projects driving neighborhood transformation and trade ideas for the future.

Gay Games 2014

while sports are fun, gay games will leave a positive legacy long after closing ceremony

As the 2014 Gay Games play out with eclectic events all over town, it becomes clear how they will leave a lasting positive effect on the host city of Cleveland. Uniting beneath a banner of inclusion, collaboration and unity, participants and sponsors establish a spirit that will endure long after the lights have dimmed and the last athlete has left the track.

Gay Games 9

gay games + aha! light up downtown landscape

Last weekend, downtown Cleveland literally was glowing. Thanks to the coinciding of a handful of marquee events like the Gay Games Opening Ceremonies and AHA! festival of lights and art, downtown was percolating with energy. Fresh Water photographer Bob Perkoski was there to record all the colorful action.

The Forty-O-Five Place

as the number of visitors to cleveland rises, so too does the number of local airbnb hosts

As the number of travelers with their sights set on Cleveland rises, so too does the number of entrepreneurs willing to rent those visitors a place to crash via Airbnb. From a spare room in one’s home to the entire home itself, the number of available short-term rentals in the area is spiking. 

Jason Estremera working with Amber and Rachel of Pink Java at the Hispanic Business Center

what's working: agencies boost prospects of cleveland's rising number of latino entrepreneurs

Northeast Ohio has a number of resources available for an expanding Latino populace searching for work and business opportunities. These services, say their providers, can keep immigrant brainpower in the area while acting as a talent magnet for the Latino and Spanish-speaking diaspora. 

Scranton Flats - photo Bob Perkoski

parks 2.0: focus now shifting from developments to green space in between

As urban neighborhoods become more vibrant, planners are turning their attention to creating world-class public spaces to complement the latest flurry of development. Three new or improved parks have just been unveiled this year: Scranton Flats, the marina at North Coast Harbor and Rivergate.

r. Mohamed Abazeed, MD, PhD.

lab chat: discussing personalized treatments for cancer with the clinic's dr. mohamed abazeed

Welcome to the latest round of Lab Chat, in which our resident Post-Doctoral Research Associate attempts to demystify the complex world of biomedical research. Today, our writer takes on the roadblocks to diagnosing and treating cancer -- and how improvements in medical technology are offering avenues to better results.
424 Articles | Page: | Show All
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