Erin O'Brien steps down from Fresh Water editorial post

At the end of this month, Fresh Water managing editor Erin O'Brien will be stepping down to explore other endeavors. O'Brien joined the publication just weeks after its September 2010 launch as a feature writer and then became development news editor in fall of 2014 before taking the helm in February of 2016.
"I want to extend copious thanks to all of our freelance contributors as well as our news staff, including Douglas Guth and senior news editor Karin Connelly Rice," said O'Brien. "Also, managing photographer Bob Perkoski has elevated these pages to magical heights with his superior images. It's been an honor and privilege to be a part of this remarkable team. This publication is nothing without them.

"Most of all," she added, "I'd like to thank the readers and all of our community partners." O'Brien will formally say goodbye next week with a unique feature.

After the June 29th publication, Fresh Water will go on summer hiatus for two weeks. Look for the publication to return on July 20 with more fresh voices and points of view.
Issue Media Group is accepting applications for the position of Fresh Water managing editor. Apply here.
Interim editorial inquiries should be directed to Nina Ignaczak.
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