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The Cleveland Flea is nothing if not a community. The Flea brings together the talent buzzing right at the surface, the creators putting sweat and talent, design and thoughtfulness into their work -- all for you! And, especially for the holidays.

Every day, we are influenced and inspired by the artists and makers who make up the Flea. And, we are building new foundations for our clients over in our branding agency, Indie Foundry. Together with Cleveland’s makers, we are invested in making this city a great place.

These makers are more than just their products, and we're here to tell you their stories in a gift guide curated for Fresh Water Cleveland with help from our photography partner Suzuran Photography.

Let us tell you a story of Cleveland’s Makers that goes beyond the obvious. The makers behind the tables are each building a new economy with their own two hands. They are your neighbors, family members, community members, not nameless producers. Dig in here and get to know the people behind the products. In the process, we hope that you'll want to learn more -- and you can do so easily at this weekend’s The Cleveland Flea Holiday Maker Market (6555 Carnegie).

We asked 12 of our sellers to share something they’re excited to bring to The Flea this weekend. These folks represent just a taste of the locally-created and curated gifts waiting for you. Let’s take a look at what they have lined up for you.

Clark Pope from Pope’s Kitchen

What he brought:  Original Bloody Mary Mix, $10

What he makes:  Food, happiness & small batch goodness

How he describes his business:  At Pope’s Kitchen, we’re proud of what we put in our products. We don’t eat anything we can’t pronounce (except worcestershire), so why would we expect you to? Our focus has always been to craft high-quality products with an emphasis on preserving nature’s bounty. We’re all-natural and never use artificial ingredients, and we never will.  Pope’s promise.

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Lauren Herzak-Bauman from Lauren H-B Ceramics

What she brought: Aurora Borealis Geometric Cup, $26

What she makes: Handmade porcelain functional items such as cups, bowls, plates, vases, and an assortment of small dishes. Non-functional gift items such as porcelain necklaces and pendants, and ceramic ornaments.

How she describes her business: I have an insatiable curiosity for objects, places, spaces, and people. It is my love for discovery that drives me to make art objects, both utilitarian and sculptural, to share with my community. I primarily work in porcelain clay and make all my objects in my studio at The Screw Factory in Lakewood, Ohio.   

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Orna Schafer of ORNAT

What she brought: Handmade murano glass necklaces, $80 each

What she makes: Handmade jewelry featuring uncommon beads and supplies sourced from international designers.

How she describes her business: I make my own jewelry and represent unique artists from overseas. The designs are timeless, handmade, one of a kind pieces.


Michael Hudacek of Forest City Portage

What he brought: Small geometric courier bag, $188

What he makes: Handmade messenger bags, packs and totes

How he describes his business: A mix of upcycled and new materials provide different textures and colors. CIFF banners, burlap coffee bags and sailcloth are just some of the repurposed fabrics you'll find adorning my tough-as-nails products.

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Mike Gulley of Old City Soda

What he brought: Assorted 4-pack of handmade soda, $8

What he makes: Handmade, all-natural sodas in unique and classic flavors.  Look for cinnamon as a Winter seasonal at the Holiday Maker Market.

How he describes his business: We are devoted to making all natural carbonated beverages and beverage mixers using only all natural ingredients.

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Mia of Piper and Stone

What she brought: Deep blue scarf

What she makes: Functional and fashionable modern knitwear.

How she describes her business: I have to admit, I have a slight addiction to yarn. I can't stop myself from buying it. Being a child of creative parents, I took to making things at a young age. Around the age of 12, I taught myself to crochet and things took off from there.

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Anji Barshick of Love, Anji

What she brought: Sheet music tree, $45

What she makes: Paper flowers, arrangements and decorations.

How she describes her business: I provide a joyful and playful alternative to fresh flowers, made with quality and attention to every detail.  

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Nathan Pozderac of Nathan’s Coffee Roasting

Who he is:  A handsome bearded gentleman who diligently roasts and artfully pours wonderful, energy-giving coffee with a smile and a deep knowledge of useless trivia.                                       
What he brought: Holiday Blend Whole Bean Coffee, 1lb bag, $18

What he makes: Great tasting, fresh coffee, roasted in the woods of rural Ohio.

How he describes his business: A small artisan coffee roaster with online retail and wholesale available.

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Tony Szabo of Gizmo Audio

What he brought: "Hobox2" speaker.  Bluetooth compatible, battery powered, $350

What he makes: Upcycled audio equipment.

How he describes his business: I give new stereos life inside old items.  

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Melissa Hale of Yate’s Apothecary

What she brought: Signature Perfume oil No. 1107, $7.50. amber. patchouli. vanilla~warm. soft. inviting. charming.

What she makes: Hand formulated perfume and aroma oils

How she describes her business: Yates Apothecary is a small and mighty perfume company in the heart of Cleveland. All oils are hand blended using various oils.

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Rachel Spigutz of The Felty Florist

What she brought: Tiny roses bouquet, $20-$40 (depending on size)

What she makes: Felt flower arrangements & wreaths

How she describes her business: Wool felt flowers crafted in CLE. All wreaths are hand wrapped with wool yarn and topped off with lovely wool felt flowers. The flower petals are cut by hand, making each creation truly unique. Custom orders welcome.

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Dick Russell of The Gallery

What he brought: Sterling silver snake charmer necklace, $225

What he curates: Industrial, antique and vintage, decorative objects, furnishings, jewelry and clothing.

How he describes his business: Visually stimulating objects for the home and body.  

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Brick & Mortar Location: 2415 Tremont Street, Cleveland

Let’s MAKE IT GREAT, Cleveland. We're definitely talking about this weekend, but we're really talking about our city. Never more than ever has it felt necessary to band together to work for a better city. Let's make this place as GREAT as it can be. Let's work together, let's care more about each other and live in a city we can be proud to call home. 

Join us for our Sneak Peek Party on Friday night if you’d like to beat the crowds and shop in style.  We’ll have cocktails, food and music to make your shopping more fun than just checking off that list. Tickets are $25 and include one free drink on us. Cheers!

Doors open on Saturday at 10am, but if you’d like to cut the line, VIP style, grab your ticket by Friday night, for only $8. You’ll need to be on site by 9:30am, to make sure you get parking, but you’ll breeze right in at 9:45am, before anyone else!

Saturday and Sunday are free admission, all day. Saturday hours run from 10am-7pm and Sunday from 10am-5pm. Saturday’s Facebook Event.  Sunday’s Facebook Event. Just be forewarned that you might encounter a line on Saturday from 10-12.  

Make sure to follow us on your favorite social media and we will keep you updated all day long. We can’t wait to see you at the Flea!

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