this week, fresh water unveils two new content sections

It's been a good first year here at Fresh Water, but that doesn't mean for a minute that we plan to slow down. In fact, today we roll out two new content sections: "For Good" and "Fresh Filter."
While we have worked with and covered news pertaining to members of the Cleveland nonprofit community, starting today we will dedicate permanent weekly space to them. Our new "For Good" section, edited by Lee Chilcote, will cover the news and newsmakers of the local nonprofit sector. Each week we'll publish items that highlight the best and brightest ideas in the worlds of philanthropy, social innovation, community and economic development, human services and the arts. In short, we want to highlight the do-gooders who are doing more than good: they're helping to transform our region.
In the new "Fresh Filter" section, you'll see a highly curated sampling of the week's best arts and culture events. We know that there is no shortage of events and publications that list them. Our goal will be to select only those we think our readers will be interested in and then dig a little deeper into them. That way you can decide if the event is a good fit for you.
Now more than ever we welcome your ideas, tips, suggestions and submissions. Feel free to send them here.
Thanks for reading.

Fresh Water Team
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