wow! fresh water celebrates its first birthday

This week marks the first anniversary for Fresh Water, if you can believe it. It feels like just yesterday that we sat down to map out what the first few weeks and months of our new publication would look, feel and sound like.
Surprisingly, today's issue is not very different from the one we first published one year ago. That is not a sign of stagnation, but rather a testament to the clear vision we had for this online magazine. From the start, Fresh Water wanted to highlight the game changers in our city -- the people, organizations, and companies that are striving to make Cleveland a better place to live, work and play. We feel we have done that. We hope that you do, too.
But Fresh Water is not standing still. In the coming weeks, readers will start to see new content, new sections, and new voices. While our mission to cover "What's Next?" in Cleveland will remain, our coverage will continue to expand. We hope you continue to support us and our work as fervently as you have since September 2010.
Consider this a heartfelt thanks from the entire Fresh Water team.

Fresh Water Staff

P.S. For a groovy collection of the past year's mastheads, shot by Fresh Water photographer Bob Perkoski, click here.
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