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Corporate College - photo Bob Perkoski

Talent is like life itself; it must be nurtured and fed in order to blossom. Fortunately for all the young sprouts in Cleveland, this region is blessed with quality institutions, including those of higher learning. Recognized nationally as leaders in such fields as Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, Industrial Design, Urban Affairs and Nonprofit Management, schools like Case Western Reserve, John Carroll, Cleveland State, University of Akron and Kent State are seeding the future with resume-rich wunderkinds. As one of Northeast Ohio's top employment sectors, higher education provides the region with an economic boost to the tune of $3 billion. Some 180,000 students are enrolled in area colleges, and it is likely some of those very students who will provide Cleveland with tomorrow's economic boost.


Crooked River Skate Park

but wait, there's more! 10 huge projects clevelanders are eagerly anticipating

A fresh energy is crackling all across the 216, from ambitious new developments taking shape downtown and in University Circle, to bike-friendly avenues and the transformation of blight into pedestrian-friendly green space. But the fun’s just getting started. We rounded up 10 of the most exciting projects on the horizon that have us shaking with anticipation.

Dante Centuori with moon rock

insider's guide to cleveland museums: curators show off their favorite artifacts

For every well-regarded artifact on display in Cleveland’s world-class museums there are countless more that fly under the radar. Fresh Water tagged along with curators from area museums as they showed off their favorite hidden gems, sharing often untold stories and behind-the-scenes peeks at choice treasures. 

Tri-C Western Campusí Convocation one of several components that comprise the First Year Experience

tri-c year-one program a 'campus support system' for new students

Cuyahoga Community College's stated mission is to provide an affordable, high-quality learning experience for its diverse enrollment. Considering the amount of freshmen arriving on its doorstep each year, Tri-C has created an initiative to guide incoming students past the higher education threshold as painlessly as possible.   First Year Experience (FYE) is a multi-faceted, comprehensive introduction to Tri-C, says Dr. Michael Schoop, president of the school's Metropolitan Campus. The "campus support system" for new students folds the college's ordinary orientation procedures into a systematic, larger-scale effort meant to focus freshmen on long-term career and academic goals.   "Tri-C has long been interested in anything that can help more of our students become successful," says Schoop. "With so many of them new to the college experience, we needed a more structured approach." Read the rest of the story here.  

Karen Miller, vice president for access and completion at Cuyahoga Community College

planning ahead eases the transition from tri-c to bachelor's degree

Community college is a viable option for students seeking to save money while preparing to continue their studies at a four-year college. However, many undergraduates make costly and time-consuming mistakes before even getting to the transfer process. This potential nightmare can be avoided with careful planning done at the earliest stage of a student's academic career. Tri-C is not just streamlining this process to make transfer easier, it's promoting the importance of setting a direction the moment a student enters the institution.

Tri-C Westshore Campus

opening up: tri-c expands service model with school-wide initiative

In June, Cuyahoga Community College received a $650,000 grant from the Cleveland Foundation to help finance its One Door -- Many Options for Success initiative. The college-wide effort going into effect this year will expand Tri-C's service model, providing structured support services through student-centric college success teams and other programming.
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ryan clark

City: Shaker Heights

Meet Ryan Clark, founder of Knowta, a Shaker Heights company with three employees and five board members that provides free print services in universities and public libraries.

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bruce bolton

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Meet Bruce Bolton, founder of CourseBuffet in downtown Cleveland.

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