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Photo Bob Perkoski
Photo Bob Perkoski
When Mayor Frank Jackson created the cabinet-level position Chief of Sustainability, he illustrated in very certain terms his commitment to turn Cleveland into a "Green City on a Blue Lake."

With the goal of making the region attractive to mobile professionals, this administration seeks at every turn to reduce carbon emissions, expand green spaces, increase bike access, and improve the health and well being of its residents all while fostering sustainable economic growth.

But why wait for City Hall? Numerous philanthropic and commercial enterprises are hard at work pursuing green-minded ideas. Sustainability is about more than installing CFLs; it is a way of looking at everything from food and art to architecture and transportation with an eye towards the future. Paying heed now to the triple bottom line ensures that tomorrow's generation will have the opportunity to do the same.

Initiatives like the Evergreen Cooperatives seek to create living wage jobs by leveraging the buying power of the city's largest medical, educational and cultural institutions. Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University, and University Hospitals alone spend over $3 billion per year on goods and services. Local farms and farmers markets are tapping into a $7 billion per year food budget that would otherwise be served by out-of-state producers.

Sustainability Features

fresh water and burning river fest team up for water-themed photo contest

Burning River Foundation and Fresh Water are sponsoring a photo contest in honor of the 45th Anniversary of the last burning of the Cuyahoga River. In anticipation of the upcoming Burning River Fest, we want to see your best water-themed photos -- from the winding Cuyahoga River to majestic Lake Erie -- that show how far we’ve come since that fateful summer of 1969.

putting art at the heart of neighborhood redevelopment

Artists are often the first to move into urban neighborhoods, and also the first to move out when rents escalate. Yet in the post-recession landscape, many communities are working with artists to transform blight, engage residents and reimagine their neighborhoods.

national roundup: detroit's wind economy, memphis' startup symphony, toronto's silicon valley

Issue Media Group publications such as 83 Degrees in Tampa, Confluence in Denver and Model D in Detroit cover "what's next" for urban centers. In this recurring feature, we highlight the top stories in urban innovation from across our national network of publications.

amid growing debate, west side market's new manager makes customer outreach a priority

As the West Side Market’s new manager, Amanda Dempsey is stepping in at a time when the treasured public market is receiving unprecedented attention -- both good and unwanted. But throughout it all, she says, the focus must remain on the bond between the century-old icon and the city that embraces it.

we've got options: alternative transportation takes root in cleveland

There's more than one way to get around Cleveland. As more and more alternative transportation options like Lyft, Uber and pedicabs enter the local market, residents are discovering that it's increasingly becoming easier to leave the wheels at home. Fresh Water took them for a test drive.
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Sustainability Founders

ann king

ann king

City: AsiaTown/StClair Superior

Meet Ann King, founder of BORROW Rentals, a custom rental house for unique furniture and accessories in Cleveland with four employees. 

bill ayars

bill ayars

City: Cleveland

Meet Bill Ayars, co-founder of Perspectus Architecture, a full-service planning and architectural design firm in Shaker Square with eight principals and 36 employees. 

alec mcclennan

alec mcclennan

City: Emerging Neighborhoods

Meet Alec McClennan, founder of Good Nature Organic Lawn Care, a Cleveland landscaping company with 25 employees.

deej lincoln

deej lincoln

City: MidTown

Meet James "Deej" Lincoln, founder of Reclaimed Cleveland, a retail and custom furnishings company in Midtown.

carlton jackson

carlton jackson

Meet Carlton Jackson, co-founder of Tunnel Vision Hoops.

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