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Regional Economy

Photo Bob Perkoski
Photo Bob Perkoski
To many, regionalism is the term used to describe the consolidation of countless, redundant municipalities. While useful, necessary and inevitable, that aspect of regionalism is not intrinsically accurate, at least according to those whose mission it is to market Northeast Ohio.

True regionalism, they argue, is defined by economic activity -- not political boundaries.

With major hubs such as Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown, not to mention scores of the aforementioned small towns, the 16-county "Cleveland Plus" region covers over 6,000 square miles and is home to over four million people, making it the 12th largest region in the U.S.

Uniting that region and marketing its unique and sweeping assets -- arts, culture, local food, medical capital, advanced manufacturing, higher education, quality of life... -- is what true regionalism is and should be all about.

Regional Economy Features

groundbreaking from the start: how local companies helped shape the world

From Charles F. Brush to John D. Rockefeller, Cleveland has been home to entrepreneurs with innovations that helped shape the world. We take a look at some of Cleveland’s ground breaking companies -- some old, some new -- to see what makes the company unique, how it achieved its success, and where they stand today. 

for those about to rock, tri-c's music curriculum prepares you for a music-filled career

Any teenager with a smartphone and some ingenuity can record a song and download it to SoundCloud or YouTube. But Cuyahoga Community College’s recording arts and technology program prepares students for all types of positions within the audio industry.

from bust to boom: how the city's brand is on the rise, within our borders and beyond

There has been a flood of new businesses that tout the city through an assortment of Cleveland-themed apparel and products or by integrating the city name right into the company’s branding. Many point to the recent recession as the dawn of this entrepreneurial movement, which coincided with a newfound pride of place.

amid growing debate, west side market's new manager makes customer outreach a priority

As the West Side Market’s new manager, Amanda Dempsey is stepping in at a time when the treasured public market is receiving unprecedented attention -- both good and unwanted. But throughout it all, she says, the focus must remain on the bond between the century-old icon and the city that embraces it.

job satisfaction: employee perks pay off with loyal staff that works as hard as they play

Everybody has those days when they just don’t feel like going to work. But some employers offer perks that make coming to work a little less painful. From all-you-can-eat snack bars to pursuing outside interests on company time -- and free beer! -- these companies help make coming to the office a little easier to swallow.
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Regional Economy Founders

kurt rote

kurt rote

City: Downtown

Meet Kurt Rote, founder of Western Oncolytics, a developer of novel cancer therapies.

moty avisar and alon geri

moty avisar and alon geri

City: University Circle

Meet Moty Avisar and Alon Geri, co-founders of Surgical Theater, which applies flight simulation technology to brain surgery. 

chuck herman

chuck herman

City: Emerging Neighborhoods

Meet Chuck Herman, founder of Specialty Fitness Equipment, a fitness equipment sales company in Bedford Heights with three employees.

bill ayars

bill ayars

City: Cleveland

Meet Bill Ayars, co-founder of Perspectus Architecture, a full-service planning and architectural design firm in Shaker Square with eight principals and 36 employees. 

lynlee altman

lynlee altman

City: MidTown

Meet Lynlee Altman, founder of Pinnacle Construction, a general contractor that specializes in unique, complex and safety-critical construction.

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