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doug bell

Meet Doug Bell, co-founder of Global Prairie, an organization with 20 employees in Cleveland.that has a simple idea: Do great work for clients so that Global Prairie can do good work in the world. 

Questions with doug bell

Global Prairie

ann king

Meet Ann King, founder of BORROW Rentals, a custom rental house for unique furniture and accessories in Cleveland with four employees. 

Questions with ann king

Borrow Rentals

eric bockmuller

Meet Eric Bockmuller, founder of Tackk, a Cleveland company with a graphic design website that allows anyone to create anything.

Questions with eric bockmuller


adam fleischer

Meet Adam Fleischer, co-founder of the Wine Spot in Cleveland Heights, a fine wine and craft beer destination.

Questions with adam fleischer

The Wine Spot

bill ayars

Meet Bill Ayars, co-founder of Perspectus Architecture, a full-service planning and architectural design firm in Shaker Square with eight principals and 36 employees. 

Questions with bill ayars

lynlee altman

Meet Lynlee Altman, founder of Pinnacle Construction, a general contractor that specializes in unique, complex and safety-critical construction.

Questions with lynlee altman

mark kohoot

Meet Mark Kohoot, founder of Aeroscena LLC, a Cleveland company with three employees that develops Ascents clinical aromatherapy.

Questions with mark kohoot


alec mcclennan

Meet Alec McClennan, founder of Good Nature Organic Lawn Care, a Cleveland landscaping company with 25 employees.

Questions with alec mcclennan

jon stahl

Meet Jon Stahl, founder of LeanDog, which designs and delivers high quality software and helps clients create continual improvement cultures.

Questions with jon stahl

leandog, inc.

terry frick

Meet Terry Frick, founder of  Frickaccio’s Pizza Market in the West Side Market and Fairview. Frickaccio’s is the maker of the Famous Pizza Bagel, better known as the Pizagle.

Questions with terry frick

deej lincoln

Meet James "Deej" Lincoln, founder of Reclaimed Cleveland, a retail and custom furnishings company in Midtown.

Questions with deej lincoln

lindsay sims

Meet Lyndsay Sims, founder of Renter’s BOOM, which helps property managers develop a sound social media strategy and a plan of execution.

Questions with lindsay sims

renters boom

kevin goodman

Meet Kevin Goodman,managing director of business development partner and one of the original seven employeesof BlueBridge Networks, a leading total technology solutions provider in Cleveland with 15 employees and more than 30 contract employees.

Questions with kevin goodman

tim miller

Meet Tim Miller, founder of Abeona Therapeutics LLC, which develops gene therapy for potential cures for children with rare genetic diseases. 

Questions with tim miller

ryan clark

Meet Ryan Clark, founder of Knowta, a Shaker Heights company with three employees and five board members that provides free print services in universities and public libraries.

Questions with ryan clark


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