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anthony stedillie

Meet Anthony Stedillie, founder of CompassMD, a Beachwood-based creator of a software platform that matches individuals and doctors based on compatibility.

Questions with anthony stedillie


tom lix

Meet Tom Lix, founder of Cleveland Whiskey.

Questions with tom lix

greg goodrich

Meet Greg Goodrich, founder of Cleveland Beer Cellars.

Questions with greg goodrich

mary w. farrell

Meet Mary W. Farrell, founder of Cherub’s Blanket, a home-based business in Shaker Heights that sells organic cotton baby blankets and baby clothes.

Questions with mary w. farrell

eugene malinskiy

Meet Eugene Malinskiy, founder of DragonID, a healthcare innovation and design company in Shaker Heights with about 10 employees. 

Questions with eugene malinskiy


kelli klus

Meet Kelli Klus, founder of Swell Skin, a Cleveland-based manufacturer of a skin healing, face treatment skin care line with two employees. 

Questions with kelli klus

Swell Skin

bill trainor and wayne wallace

Meet Bill Trainor and Wayne Wallace, founders of Mutual Capital Partners Funds (MCPF), a two-person venture funds firm in Cleveland.

Questions with bill trainor and wayne wallace

jewels johnson

Meet Jewels Johnson, founder of Sugar Plum Cake Company, a web-based custom order bakery with four employees that specializes in creating delectable goodies from scratch.

Questions with jewels johnson

ryan o'donnell

Meet Ryan O’Donnell, founder of Sociagram, a cloud-based video communication platform with four employees.

Questions with ryan o'donnell


rich rodman

Meet Rich Rodman, founder of Crowdentials, a company with five employees in Cleveland that makes regulatory compliance software for the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act. 

Questions with rich rodman


scott maloney

Meet Scott Maloney, founder of K2M Design, a high-growth entrepreneurial architecture firm with 38 employees.

Questions with scott maloney

K2M Design

rachel downey

Meet Rachel Downey, founder of Studio Graphique, a brand development and design firm on Shaker Square with nine employees. 

Questions with rachel downey

c. ethan smith

Meet C. Ethan Smith, founder of Roads Ahead et al, an apparel company based in East Cleveland with one employee.

Questions with c. ethan smith

debbie donley

Meet Debbie Donley, founder of Vocon, an architectural firm with more than 120 employees in its Cleveland and New York offices.

Questions with debbie donley


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