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shelley freed

Meet Shelley Freed, co-founder of Ashton Business Solutions.

Questions with shelley freed

michelle martin

Meet Michelle Martin, founder of Insight Learning and Wellness Center.

Questions with michelle martin

connie and mike ozan

Meet Connie and Mike Ozan, co-founders of TWIST Creative, a design agency in Ohio City.

Questions with connie and mike ozan

TWIST Creative

julia briggs

Meet Julia Briggs, founder of Blue Star Design.

Questions with julia briggs

trevor clatterbuck

Meet Trevor Clatterbuck, founder of Fresh Fork Market.

Questions with trevor clatterbuck

Mike Belsito

Meet Mike Belsito, co-founder of eFuneral.

Questions with Mike Belsito


Kim Metheny

Meet Kim Metheny, owner of Metheny Weir, a decorative painting company.

Questions with Kim Metheny

Lisa Dunn

Meet Lisa Dunn, owner of Revive Store, a fair-trade retailer in Cleveland Heights and Lyndhurst.

Questions with Lisa Dunn


Mike Kaplan

Meet Mike Kaplan, founder of the Glass Bubble Project, a glass blowing studio in Ohio City

Questions with Mike Kaplan

Jon Snyder

Jon Snyder is founder, president and CEO of Neuros Medical. The Willoughby firm's platform technology,  Electrical Nerve Block, is focused on eliminating chronic pain in a variety of applications.

Questions with Jon Snyder

Neuros Medical

Charity D'Amato

Meet Charity D’Amato, founder of Chartreuse, a design studio.

Questions with Charity D'Amato


Dave Umina

Meet Dave Umina, founder of, a food delivery service.

Questions with Dave Umina

Doug Hardman

Meet Doug Hardman, founder and CEO of SparkBase, a loyalty marketing program for merchants.

Questions with Doug Hardman


Claude Kennard

Claude Kennard is founder of Metaloy, which is inventing processes that allow the refining industry to re-use some of its chemical by-products, saving both money and the environment.

Questions with Claude Kennard


David Allen Moss

David Allen Moss is the Founder of MossMedia, a Cleveland-based collaborative of creative and technical talent that specializes in brand strategy, content creation, interactive design, and media production.

Questions with David Allen Moss


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