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julie and shawn warren

Meet Julie and Shawn Warren, founders of Erie Design, a family-owned and operated sign company in Lakewood.

Questions with julie and shawn warren

Erie Design

lynde vespoli

Meet Lynde Vespoli, founder of Discover My Cleveland, a destination management company with nine part-time tour directors and one fulltime employee.

Questions with lynde vespoli

todd pownell

Meet Todd Pownell, owner of TAP by Todd Pownell, a designer jewelry firm in Midtown with a team of four.

Questions with todd pownell

fred geis

Meet Fred Geis, founder of Geis Companies, a northeast Ohio design/build company with 140 employees.

Questions with fred geis

geis companies

autumn skoczen

Meet Autumn Skoczen, founder of Auts Tipse Treats, a Broadview Heights maker of the first-ever cupcake shot.

Questions with autumn skoczen

jennifer coleman

Meet Jennifer Coleman, founder of CityProwl, which produces urban walking tours 

Questions with jennifer coleman


joan soskin + lauren wyeth

Meet Joan Soskin and Lauren Wyeth, co-founders of Lufthouse, a 2014 Flashstarts accelerator company.

Questions with joan soskin + lauren wyeth


stephen mchale

Meet Stephen McHale, founder of Explorys, an innovation spinoff from Cleveland Clinic with 130 employees that provides the healthcare industry with a secure, cloud-based analytics platform.

Questions with stephen mchale


jeff battershell

Meet Jeff Battershell, founder of Keepin’ it Fresh, an embroidered product company that focuses on water conservation and the brewery industry.

Questions with jeff battershell

lauren steiner

Meet Lauren Steiner, founder of Grants Plus, a fundraising consulting firm with 14 employees.

Questions with lauren steiner

Grants Plus

kurt rote

Meet Kurt Rote, founder of Western Oncolytics, a developer of novel cancer therapies.

Questions with kurt rote

moty avisar and alon geri

Meet Moty Avisar and Alon Geri, co-founders of Surgical Theater, which applies flight simulation technology to brain surgery. 

Questions with moty avisar and alon geri

chuck herman

Meet Chuck Herman, founder of Specialty Fitness Equipment, a fitness equipment sales company in Bedford Heights with three employees.

Questions with chuck herman

steve demoulpied

Meet Steve deMoulpied, founder of PrestoFresh Grocery Delivery, a Cleveland Heights online grocer with 10 employees and plans to expand to 15-20 shortly. 

Questions with steve demoulpied

carolyn klosowsky

Meet Carolyn Klosowsky, co-founder of Frugal Fortune, a Lakewood shop with two employees that sells fine vintage and antiques, quality pre-owned, and handmade items. 

Questions with carolyn klosowsky

frugal fortune

doug bell

Meet Doug Bell, co-founder of Global Prairie, an organization with 20 employees in Cleveland.that has a simple idea: Do great work for clients so that Global Prairie can do good work in the world. 

Questions with doug bell

Global Prairie

ann king

Meet Ann King, founder of BORROW Rentals, a custom rental house for unique furniture and accessories in Cleveland with four employees. 

Questions with ann king

Borrow Rentals

eric bockmuller

Meet Eric Bockmuller, founder of Tackk, a Cleveland company with a graphic design website that allows anyone to create anything.

Questions with eric bockmuller


adam fleischer

Meet Adam Fleischer, co-founder of the Wine Spot in Cleveland Heights, a fine wine and craft beer destination.

Questions with adam fleischer

The Wine Spot

bill ayars

Meet Bill Ayars, co-founder of Perspectus Architecture, a full-service planning and architectural design firm in Shaker Square with eight principals and 36 employees. 

Questions with bill ayars

lynlee altman

Meet Lynlee Altman, founder of Pinnacle Construction, a general contractor that specializes in unique, complex and safety-critical construction.

Questions with lynlee altman

mark kohoot

Meet Mark Kohoot, founder of Aeroscena LLC, a Cleveland company with three employees that develops Ascents clinical aromatherapy.

Questions with mark kohoot


alec mcclennan

Meet Alec McClennan, founder of Good Nature Organic Lawn Care, a Cleveland landscaping company with 25 employees.

Questions with alec mcclennan

jon stahl

Meet Jon Stahl, founder of LeanDog, which designs and delivers high quality software and helps clients create continual improvement cultures.

Questions with jon stahl

leandog, inc.

terry frick

Meet Terry Frick, founder of  Frickaccio’s Pizza Market in the West Side Market and Fairview. Frickaccio’s is the maker of the Famous Pizza Bagel, better known as the Pizagle.

Questions with terry frick

deej lincoln

Meet James "Deej" Lincoln, founder of Reclaimed Cleveland, a retail and custom furnishings company in Midtown.

Questions with deej lincoln

lindsay sims

Meet Lyndsay Sims, founder of Renter’s BOOM, which helps property managers develop a sound social media strategy and a plan of execution.

Questions with lindsay sims

renters boom

kevin goodman

Meet Kevin Goodman,managing director of business development partner and one of the original seven employeesof BlueBridge Networks, a leading total technology solutions provider in Cleveland with 15 employees and more than 30 contract employees.

Questions with kevin goodman

tim miller

Meet Tim Miller, founder of Abeona Therapeutics LLC, which develops gene therapy for potential cures for children with rare genetic diseases. 

Questions with tim miller

ryan clark

Meet Ryan Clark, founder of Knowta, a Shaker Heights company with three employees and five board members that provides free print services in universities and public libraries.

Questions with ryan clark


anthony stedillie

Meet Anthony Stedillie, founder of CompassMD, a Beachwood-based creator of a software platform that matches individuals and doctors based on compatibility.

Questions with anthony stedillie


tom lix

Meet Tom Lix, founder of Cleveland Whiskey.

Questions with tom lix

greg goodrich

Meet Greg Goodrich, founder of Cleveland Beer Cellars.

Questions with greg goodrich

mary w. farrell

Meet Mary W. Farrell, founder of Cherub’s Blanket, a home-based business in Shaker Heights that sells organic cotton baby blankets and baby clothes.

Questions with mary w. farrell

eugene malinskiy

Meet Eugene Malinskiy, founder of DragonID, a healthcare innovation and design company in Shaker Heights with about 10 employees. 

Questions with eugene malinskiy


kelli klus

Meet Kelli Klus, founder of Swell Skin, a Cleveland-based manufacturer of a skin healing, face treatment skin care line with two employees. 

Questions with kelli klus

Swell Skin

bill trainor and wayne wallace

Meet Bill Trainor and Wayne Wallace, founders of Mutual Capital Partners Funds (MCPF), a two-person venture funds firm in Cleveland.

Questions with bill trainor and wayne wallace

jewels johnson

Meet Jewels Johnson, founder of Sugar Plum Cake Company, a web-based custom order bakery with four employees that specializes in creating delectable goodies from scratch.

Questions with jewels johnson

ryan o'donnell

Meet Ryan O’Donnell, founder of Sociagram, a cloud-based video communication platform with four employees.

Questions with ryan o'donnell


rich rodman

Meet Rich Rodman, founder of Crowdentials, a company with five employees in Cleveland that makes regulatory compliance software for the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act. 

Questions with rich rodman


scott maloney

Meet Scott Maloney, founder of K2M Design, a high-growth entrepreneurial architecture firm with 38 employees.

Questions with scott maloney

K2M Design

rachel downey

Meet Rachel Downey, founder of Studio Graphique, a brand development and design firm on Shaker Square with nine employees. 

Questions with rachel downey

c. ethan smith

Meet C. Ethan Smith, founder of Roads Ahead et al, an apparel company based in East Cleveland with one employee.

Questions with c. ethan smith

debbie donley

Meet Debbie Donley, founder of Vocon, an architectural firm with more than 120 employees in its Cleveland and New York offices.

Questions with debbie donley


tami schneider

Meet Tami Schneider, founder of Cleveland Yoga, a yoga studio with locations in Beachwood and University Circle with four full-time employees, 21 part-time employees and 21 independent contractor teachers. 

Questions with tami schneider

Cleveland Yoga

trevor shaw

Meet Trevor Shaw, founder of Barkudo, a mobile marketing company with three employees.

Questions with trevor shaw


ariane kirkpatrick

Meet Ariane Kirkpatrick, founder of AKA Construction Management Team, Inc., a construction company and commercial cleaning company with 47 employees.

Questions with ariane kirkpatrick

chan q. wang

Meet Dr. Chan Q. Wang, founder of Zuga Medical, a bio-tech company with four employees.

Questions with chan q. wang

Zuga Medical

scott kim

Meet Scott Kim, founder of Accent, a restaurant in University Circle.

Questions with scott kim

tammy wise

Meet Tammy Wise, founder of WISECHAPTER3, which helps businesses move from organic to deliberate growth.

Questions with tammy wise


anne van hauwaert

Meet Anne van Hauwaert, founder of Anne van H. Boutique.

Questions with anne van hauwaert

kendall embrescia

Meet Kendall Embrescia, founder of Squirt & Skootch, an offbeat stationery company.

Questions with kendall embrescia

tom embrescia

Meet Tom Embrescia, founder of Second Generation, Ltd. and .JOBS.

Questions with tom embrescia


sam kinkopf

Meet Sam Kinkopf, founder of Frisson Media.

Questions with sam kinkopf

Frisson Media

jillian neimeister

Meet Jillian Neimeister, co-founder of Birdtown CrossFit in Lakewood.

Questions with jillian neimeister

bruce bolton

Meet Bruce Bolton, founder of CourseBuffet in downtown Cleveland.

Questions with bruce bolton


matt wilhelm

Meet Matt Wilhelm, founder of enCompass Group in Tyler Village.

Questions with matt wilhelm

jack bialosky

Meet Jack Bialosky, Sr., founder of Bialosky and Partners Architects.

Questions with jack bialosky

felice pierce

Meet Felice Pierce, founder of Revolve Fashion.

Questions with felice pierce

joe pulizzi

Meet Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute.

Questions with joe pulizzi

ryan anderson

Meet Ryan Anderson, co-founder of Anderson|Biro.

Questions with ryan anderson


jason therrien

Meet Jason Therrien, founder of thunder::tech.

Questions with jason therrien


jeremy flack

Meet Jeremy Flack, founder of Flack Steel.

Questions with jeremy flack

Flack Steel

james gasparatos

Meet James Gasparatos, founder of  Gigfinity.

Questions with james gasparatos


laura bennett

Meet Laura Bennett, co-founder of Embrace Pet Insurance.

Questions with laura bennett

jim hickey

Meet Jim Hickey, founder of Arras Keathley, a strategic brand development and marketing communications firm.

Questions with jim hickey

Arras Keathley

brian stone

Meet Brian Stone, founder of Two Ravens Fencing School.

Questions with brian stone

steve presser

Meet Steve Presser, founder of Big Fun Toy Store in Cleveland Heights and Cleveland.

Questions with steve presser

anne hubben

Meet Anne Hubben, a creative career coach and recruiter.

Questions with anne hubben

rick pollack

Meet Rick Pollack, founder of  MakerGear.

Questions with rick pollack


emmett mcdermott

Meet Emmett McDermott, founder of 12five9, a web design firm in Ohio City.

Questions with emmett mcdermott


nan webb

Meet Nan Webb, founder of Murray Hill Bolt & Spool.

Questions with nan webb

mark goren

Meet Mark Goren, founder of Point to Point.

Questions with mark goren

Point to Point

kathleen colan

Meet Kathleen Colan founder of Your Story Social LLC.

Questions with kathleen colan

dawn hanson

Meet Dawn Hanson, founder of the Fairmount Group.

Questions with dawn hanson

patrick walker

Meet Patrick Walker, founder of 4Walls.

Questions with patrick walker


dave lazor

Meet Dave Lazor, founder and CEO of Lazorpoint.

Questions with dave lazor


todd goldstein

Meet Todd Goldstein, co-founder of LaunchHouse.

Questions with todd goldstein


john c. williams

Meet John C. Williams, founder of Process Creative Studios.

Questions with john c. williams

dan t. moore

Meet Dan T. Moore, founder of the Dan T. Moore Co., parent company to 14 manufacturing companies.

Questions with dan t. moore

brandt evans

Meet Brandt Evans, founder of Pura Vida in Public Square.

Questions with brandt evans

steve manka

Meet Steve Manka, founder of Manka Design Studio, a public art firm in Midtown.

Questions with steve manka

gordon daily

Meet Gordon Daily, founder of BoxCast.

Questions with gordon daily


lissette rivera

Meet Lissette Rivera, founder of SafeCare, a monitoring agency of healthcare workers.

Questions with lissette rivera


chris anna sterling

Meet Chris Anna Sterling, co-founder of Luscious Verde.

Questions with chris anna sterling

joelle prochera

Meet Joelle Prochera, founder of Coach Joelle, Inc., a life and executive coach.

Questions with joelle prochera

werner minshall

Meet Werner Minshall, founder of Minshall Stewart Properties.

Questions with werner minshall

yuval brisker

Meet Yuval Brisker, founder of TOA Technologies.

Questions with yuval brisker

stephanie sheldon

Meet Stephanie Sheldon, founder of Parfait, Indie Foundry, and Kiss and Bite.

Questions with stephanie sheldon

jill akins

Meet Jill Akins, founder of Van Auken Akins Architects LLC.

Questions with jill akins

andy halko

Meet Andy Halko, founder of Insivia.

Questions with andy halko

carlton jackson

Meet Carlton Jackson, co-founder of Tunnel Vision Hoops.

Questions with carlton jackson

tim smith

Meet Tim Smith, founder of Community Greenhouse Partners.

Questions with tim smith

jeff friedman

Meet Jeff Friedman, founder of Webtego, a web development company.

Questions with jeff friedman


aaron lemieux

Meet Aaron LeMieux, founder of Tremont Electric.

Questions with aaron lemieux

gene groys

Meet Gene Groys, founder of OnShift.

Questions with gene groys


megan jenny

Meet Megan Jenny, founder of The Cleveland Cupcake Company.

Questions with megan jenny

sharie renee

Meet Sharie Renee, founder of Cosmic Bobbins.

Questions with sharie renee

Cosmic Bobbins

lori devore

Meet Lori DeVore, founder of DeVore Technologies.

Questions with lori devore

brian willse

Meet Brian Willse, founder of Boondock Walker, a brand strategy firm in Cleveland.

Questions with brian willse

Boondock Walker

christine lobas

Meet Christine Lobas, founder of Studiothink.

Questions with christine lobas


kazell pugh

Meet Kazell Pugh, founder of TLC Springwater.

Questions with kazell pugh

TLC Springwater

kirk zehnder

Meet Kirk Zehnder, president and CEO of Earnest Machine.

Questions with kirk zehnder

Earnest Machine

sherri foxman

Meet Sherri Foxman, founder of Party411 Events.

Questions with sherri foxman

Party 411

shelley freed

Meet Shelley Freed, co-founder of Ashton Business Solutions.

Questions with shelley freed

michelle martin

Meet Michelle Martin, founder of Insight Learning and Wellness Center.

Questions with michelle martin

connie and mike ozan

Meet Connie and Mike Ozan, co-founders of TWIST Creative, a design agency in Ohio City.

Questions with connie and mike ozan

TWIST Creative

julia briggs

Meet Julia Briggs, founder of Blue Star Design.

Questions with julia briggs

trevor clatterbuck

Meet Trevor Clatterbuck, founder of Fresh Fork Market.

Questions with trevor clatterbuck

Mike Belsito

Meet Mike Belsito, co-founder of eFuneral.

Questions with Mike Belsito


Kim Metheny

Meet Kim Metheny, owner of Metheny Weir, a decorative painting company.

Questions with Kim Metheny

Lisa Dunn

Meet Lisa Dunn, owner of Revive Store, a fair-trade retailer in Cleveland Heights and Lyndhurst.

Questions with Lisa Dunn


Mike Kaplan

Meet Mike Kaplan, founder of the Glass Bubble Project, a glass blowing studio in Ohio City

Questions with Mike Kaplan

Jon Snyder

Jon Snyder is founder, president and CEO of Neuros Medical. The Willoughby firm's platform technology,  Electrical Nerve Block, is focused on eliminating chronic pain in a variety of applications.

Questions with Jon Snyder

Neuros Medical

Charity D'Amato

Meet Charity D’Amato, founder of Chartreuse, a design studio.

Questions with Charity D'Amato


Dave Umina

Meet Dave Umina, founder of, a food delivery service.

Questions with Dave Umina

Doug Hardman

Meet Doug Hardman, founder and CEO of SparkBase, a loyalty marketing program for merchants.

Questions with Doug Hardman


Claude Kennard

Claude Kennard is founder of Metaloy, which is inventing processes that allow the refining industry to re-use some of its chemical by-products, saving both money and the environment.

Questions with Claude Kennard


David Allen Moss

David Allen Moss is the Founder of MossMedia, a Cleveland-based collaborative of creative and technical talent that specializes in brand strategy, content creation, interactive design, and media production.

Questions with David Allen Moss


Bob Schmidt

Bob Schmidt is the founder of Orbital Research, whose core technologies are aerodynamic controls and microdevices for the aerospace, defense, transportation, medical, and wind turbine industries.

Questions with Bob Schmidt

Johnny Wu

Meet Johnny Wu, founder of Media Design Imaging (MDI), a branding and video production firm.

Questions with Johnny Wu

christopher clark, sunflower solutions

Christopher Clark is founder of Sunflower Solutions, a company that brings advanced energy to the developing world.

Questions with christopher clark, sunflower solutions

Jason Therrien

Jason Therrien founded Thunder Tech while still in college. Today it is a leading integrated marketing agency that combines advertising, public relations, design and digital marketing under one roof. Clients include mid-market to Fortune 1000 firms in both B2B and B2C categories.

Questions with Jason Therrien

Thunder Tech

David Stack

MusicStack is an online marketplace where record stores list their inventory of records and CDs for sale. Consumers can easily search the website for rare and hard-to-find items they have been looking for. MusicStack currently aggregates the inventory of over 1,100 record stores from all over the world, or approximately 25 million titles.

Questions with David Stack


ashish roy

Ocular Concepts is an integrated marketing and design company that specializes in strategically creative marketing solutions that effectively connect with clients’ sales processes and business objectives.

Questions with ashish roy

Ocular Concepts

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