5000 Euclid Ave., Suite 310
Cleveland, Ohio 44103

eric bockmuller

Meet Eric Bockmuller, founder of Tackk, a Cleveland company with eight employees that allows you to easily create beautiful pages through its website. 
What was the highlight for your business in 2013?
We achieved a couple pretty significant milestones in 2013, like coming out of beta and eclipsing one million unique visitors. The achievement that the team gets most excited about is the $1.3 million investment we raised, led by ffvc in New York.
Have you been surprised by what people produce on Tackk?
The biggest surprise for me has been how much the education community has adopted Tackk. As we were designing and building Tackk early on, we didn’t consider the education community as a Tackk user. It’s been a nice surprise and since the day we launched there has been an overwhelming use of Tackk in the classroom.
What is the most unique project you’ve seen produced on Tackk?
It’s tough to choose one, we have seen some pretty interesting content created on Tackk. We have had everything from people selling cars, boats, houses, even airstreams, on Tackk. We even had complete wedding invitations created.

Recently we have seen an influx of blogging on Tackk. It’s the perfect format when you want more that 140 characters but not the commitment of a blog. Tackk allows you to create single Tackks when you have something to say.
Have your friends and family stopped coming to you for design help?
To be completely honest, no. And unfortunately I am not able, nor do I have the time, to take on new projects. I am glad I have some really talented designer friends I can pass business along to. And even better, I sometimes can get them to use Tackk to satisfy their design needs. An invite, one-page ad, flyer for an item for sale or just as a simple website -- it’s why we created Tackk.
What advice would you give to entrepreneurs when starting their businesses?
Don’t give up, no matter how hard it gets. Starting a business is not easy and you will experience high highs and low lows. It’s important you surround yourself with advisors, mentors and people who have experience doing what you are about to do (in most cases it’s giving up everything to pursue your dream).
Don’t be too proud to take their advice. The people you chose to surround yourself with, including your employees, will become your most important assets. At Tackk, we have always made it a point to surround ourselves with people who are better than us. We have been successful at accomplishing this and it’s a big reason why we have been able to achieve what we have.
One last thing, don’t be afraid to set lofty goals, in some cases they may be on the verge of crazy. At Tackk, our goal was to create the next verb on the web. This is not a small feat. But it sets our vision and allows us to work cohesively to achieve our goals.

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