friend-owned cardigan events takes the headaches out of event planning

Jenni Baker and three of her friends were talking one day and realized they all had some degree of background in event planning. The realization sparked an idea. “We decided to come together and form this company,” says Baker.
So, in January 2012, Baker, Holly Lauch, Timi Kormos and Jane Diemer started Cardigan Events. Baker and Lauch work on the development and business side of the company, while Diemer and Kormos apply their talents on the creative and design side.
Instead of just serving as another party planning company, Cardigan focuses on helping clients attain certain goals with respect to their events. “We’re really focused on events for companies trying to reach specific objectives,” says Baker. “Whether it’s raising awareness -- helping nonprofits tell their stories or raise supporters -- or showcasing a new program or facility, we really try to hone in on the reasons to have the event.”
Cardigan’s first event was a fundraising dinner for St. Vincent DePaul. Other clients include a March Madness fundraising event for In it Together, a support organization for families of children with cancer, and the Catholic Community Foundation.
“I never thought that working on this kind of stuff could be so much fun,” says Baker. “Someone said to us, ‘All of this gives me a headache.’ So our unofficial motto became, ‘Your headache is our fun.”

Source: Jenni Baker
Writer: Karin Connelly
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