flashstarts launches only software mentorship program of its kind

Flashstarts, which recently won an award for best small company internship at the annual Expys, is launching a new mentorship program for aspiring software developers. The interns will be a part of a Flashstarts 12-week accelerator program – assisting the startup companies with their software needs while receiving advice and coaching from mentors who are senior software developers.

“Our mentors serve different roles, depending on their areas of expertise,” explains Flashstarts CEO and founder Charles Stack. “A lot of software developer interns haven’t had experience working in groups. We thought we’d expand that experience.”
Flashstarts hired 20 interns from multiple disciplines for the summer of 2013. The interns worked for 10 startup teams that participated in Flashstarts’ first accelerator class and provided each team with software development, marketing, graphic design and business management services.
The organization is one of only a few startup accelerators in the country to hire interns as support staff for their startups. There are still two software developer internships open for this summer’s group of startups.
Additionally, Flashstarts raised its follow-on funding from $1.25 million last year to $2.5 million this year. “This will give us much more follow-on funding,” explains Stack. “Teams can get up to a half-million in funding upon graduation.”
The accelerator teams trade eight percent equity for a $25,000 investment, office space and access to coaching and services. The summer 2014 program begins May 27.

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