cleveland's handelabra unveils must-have gaming app

Personal frustration led Jeremy Handel to come up with his company's latest product: a gaming app for Apple's iOS platform.

"I subscribe to several gaming magazines, and I was finding that I would read game previews months in advance of the release," says the founder of Handelabra. At other times, games would come and go without Handel realizing it. He began tacking post-it notes on his computer as reminders of when games would be released, but when that became too cumbersome, Mandel realized a game-reminder app would be much more efficient.

GAME.minder, which is the result of a partnership with Case Western's student think tank Qube Lab, currently tracks more than 1,000 games. Thanks to the free, fully interactive app for iPhone/iOS, users can search and filter their favorite games by platform, title, popularity or release date. Setting a "RE.minder" tells GAME.minder to notify the user before a new game hits the shelves.

Handelabra has two other apps already on the market: StyleAssist, a photo-sharing app focused on hair styles; and Better Clock, a universal alarm clock app for iPhone and iPad. The three-person Handelabra team is currently focused on the iOS platform, according to Handel, who adds that the company's long-term goal "would be to bring successful products to other smartphone platforms like Android. We do not currently plan to extend our products to the desktop, preferring to focus on mobile exclusively."

SOURCE: Jeremy Handel
WRITER: Diane DiPiero

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