university of phoenix donates computers to local school

As a technology-focused school, the University of Phoenix, Cleveland campus, knows the importance of computer education at an early age. So the university recently donated 30 desktop computers with accessories to the Kenneth W. Clement - Boys Leadership Academy in Cleveland.
“The University of Phoenix is very committed to technology and education,” says Gina Cuffari, Phoenix vice president of Ohio and Kentucky territories. “We have a 12-year history in Ohio and we’re known as one of the leaders in technology.”
At least five computers are in each classroom at the school that focuses on managing active boys. Students can use the computers for learning, research and reading games. Older students at the school will work with the computers in a buddy system with the younger students.
University of Phoenix’s science committee chose the Boys Leadership Academy to receive the computers, which were previously used by the university’s students and staff. “The school does not have the technology they need,” explains Cuffari. In fact, most of the students don’t have computers at home either. The donation ensures the boys will get exposure to current technology. “The committee felt strongly that providing these assets means we have a brighter future.”

Source: Gina Cuffari
Writer: Karin Connelly
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