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New York Post: Cleveland amid 15 best places to live

Cleveland's myriad charms continue to get noticed. The Cleveland Clinic and the new Public Square are among the amenities the New York Post cites in this roundup, putting our burg here on the North Coast at number 15.

To the credit of the authors, this group of cities includes towns that don't often get the spotlight - try Hoboken, New Jersey; Charlottesville, Virginia and Bend, Oregon.

Click here to get the whole list.

Residents invited to play superelectric "Pinball with Police" tomorrow in Gordon Square

With the aim to build rapport between local police, residents and businesses, the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization and Superelectric Pinball Parlor will host “Pinball With Police” is tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 15 from 4 to 7 p.m. at the vintage pinball mecca, 6500 Detroit Avenue.

This community bridge-building event will feature free pinball, food and refreshments from neighborhood merchants - and an opportunity for neighborhood residents and businesses to meet with Second District Cleveland Police Officers.

For more information, contact Tom Sarago, Principal of Spruce at 216-269-9673 or tom@spruceagency.com.


Franklin Castle to be offered as part of "America's Most Haunted" mini village collection

The Bradford Exchange, purveyors of all things collectible from Thomas Kinkade to Disney, has set its latest sights right here in Cleveland - at Franklin Castle no less.

As part of its "America's Most Haunted Village Collection," the fave local landmark will be offered as Issue Two. Issue One will be the Amityville House. Structures measure 4.5 inches wide by 6.5 inches long by 5.25 inches deep.

Per the company's site: "Each sculpture illuminates and features a wealth of detailing like the ghoulish apparitions that are seen peering out from their windows. Plus, learn about the events that took place in each historic place and what is thought to haunt the space with the included printed newspaper cards."

Full information, including images of the fun and funky miniatures, is available here.

USA Today taps CLE as top city to go car free

For those wishing to ditch the wheels (along with the expensive parking, insurance and not-so-green exhaust), USA Today taps Cleveland as the nation's top place to do so.

While locals may have other opinions of our public transit, the listing cites amenities such as the RTA Redline and the new UHBikes program as boons to those who'd just as soon opt for any mode of transportation over a private vehicle.

See which cities the 216 beat out here.

Thrillist: what you should do in Cleveland literally every day this fall

From Rachel Hunt for Thrillist:

"Fall, arguably the best, most beautiful, and overall most tolerable of our four seasons, is finally hitting Cleveland. It's time to dig up your Dawg Pound mask, pick which Cavs champion (it's "Weeping JR Smith") you'll be for Halloween this year, and take in the changing color of autumn leaves (NEO really does get the most stunning fall trees!) with all the pumpkin beer and hayrides you can handle. On the days you're unsure how to best enjoy our brief yet perfect weather, we've made a list of something to do very literally every day this fall."

Get her crazy exhaustive and fun list here.


Plain Dealer adds opt-out only upgrade with unconventional payment terms

Those with subscriptions to the paper edition of the Plain Dealer will receive a 100-page "Investment & Retirement Guide" with their regular paper on Sept. 18 and will pay $2.99 for the privilege - unless they opt out.

Furthermore, the billing for the addition is rather unconventional. Per the Plain Dealer's Aug. 28 and Sept. 4 paper editions:

"An additional $2.99 will be charged to your subscription for the Investment & Retirement Guide which will shorten your paid-through date. This means your next bill will come sooner than it would have otherwise."

To opt out, call 1-877-486-0726.

Cleveland ranks among top 50 cities for runners

From Runner's World:

We started with a list of 250 U.S. cities with populations of more than 160,000 that had the highest number of households per capita reporting participation in running within the last 12 months (according to the SimplyMap 2014 census study). Then we gathered data from myriad sources to create five indexes of special importance to runners, ranking the cities in each index from 1 to 150. We then weighted the indexes [run, parks, climate, food, and safety] and tallied up the scores to create the final list.

Cleveland clocked in at 35, beating out the likes of Atlanta, Miami and even Honolulu.

Get the whole list here - or if you can't wait to don the Nikes and head out to the Metroparks, no worries. The link will be here when you get back.

Cleveland Museum of Art amid the nation's very best

From Business Insider:

According to the US government, there are upwards of 35,000 museums in America. For comparison, there are about 13,000 Starbucks across the country

These thousands of museums are filled with countless works of priceless art, historical artifacts, and natural marvels. But, which museums are the best?

Using data provided by Foursquare, INSIDER ranked the top 25 museums in America.

The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) was ranked second only to New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. Not bad, but for locals, the CMA has always been #1.

Get the whole list here.

Nate Silver has a lot to learn about Cleveland

From this article on fivethirtyeight.com:

First, though, our dear colleague Clare Malone is vacationing in Cleveland this week, so we’re joined today by Anna, who mostly reports on public health for us but has covered the immigration debate pretty extensively too, instead — welcome, Anna!

anna (Anna Maria Barry-Jester, senior writer): Hello!

natesilver (Nate Silver, editor in chief): I was going to make fun of “vacationing in Cleveland.” But people from Michigan actually vacation in Cleveland, or at least Sandusky (Cedar Point! Woo-hoo!).

Hilarious, Mr. Silver, and so original, but then again, weren't you the guy who had this to say about a forthcoming Trump GOP nomination?

"For my money, that adds up to Trump’s chances being higher than 0 but (considerably) less than 20 percent."

Um ... as a matter of fact, you were. Funny thing though, it was here in Cleveland where your prediction proved to be 100 percent wrong. Feel free, however, to bring some of "your money" to our fair city anytime and see what we're all about.

And if you're broke, no worries. Our editor will pick up the tab.

Green Party candidate for POTUS coming to NEO

On Friday, Sept. 2, Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President, and Joe DeMare, Green Party candidate for US Senate, will speak at the Natatorium, 2345 4th Street, Cuyahoga Falls. Doors open at 6 p.m. DeMare will speak at 7 p.m. Stein will speak at 8:00 p.m.

During this free event, Jill Stein will discuss her plan to help the American people with the Green New Deal, a stimulus package that will create 20 million new jobs by transitioning to renewable energy by 2030, as well as halting the devastating effects of climate change. Other topics will include her policies such as tuition free higher education, cancelling student debt, healthcare as a human right, $15 minimum wage, and foreign policy based on international law, diplomacy, and human rights.

For more information, visit the Ohio Green Party's page.

Sabor Miami tops Cleveland Hot List

Fresh Water editor Erin O'Brien has extolled the virtues of Sabor Miami's rich, creamy and downright decadent Cafe con Leche (Cuban latte) as "the best cup of coffee she's ever had" both publicly and privately. It seems she's not alone.

The shop at 4848 Broadview Road, which we reported on in back in April, has been named the "Best Coffee Shop in Cleveland," by Cleveland Hot List.

Click here to see the list of venerable cafes Sabor Miami topped, but do so at your own risk - peruse this list and you'll be craving a cappuccino in no time.

Congratulations to proprietor Mariela Paz and kudos to all the nominees.

Insider's cheat sheet: LeBron James' Cleveland Hustles debut

Fresh Water was treated to a preview of the first edition of executive producer LeBron James' Cleveland based reality show Cleveland Hustles, which debuts tomorrow night, Aug. 24 at 10 p.m. EST on CNBC. The show features local entrepreneurs and investors - which is something we know a thing or two about. After all, we've been covering Cleveland's biz scene and the people that fuel it for more than five years.

Hence, we offer these fun insider tips to watch for during the show:

- Be on the lookout for Brandyn Armstrong. Fresh Water first broke his winning story about his Studio Stick project back in March.
- One of the primary players on Cleveland Hustle is one Kumar Arora, whom we loved learning all about when we published this one about the edgy Cleveland-based clothing and accessory endeavor iLTHY.
- The man behind CLE's urban winery movement, Mansfield Fraizer … he's in there!

- Do those still photos of Alan Glazen featured in tomorrow's episode look a bit familiar? Of course they do ... Fresh Water's managing photographer Bob Perkoski shot them for this article.

- And just for fun: how does King James behave when he's amid his royal subjects? Why, we've got a photo essay for that!
- Lastly, if you're looking for the real skinny on the Gordon Arts neighborhood: we invite you to enjoy it as a perfect slice of Cleveland.

Good luck to the entire cast and crew of Cleveland Hustles.

LEEDCo and the Sierra Club want YOU to become part of a giant human wind turbine

In support of  the Sierra Club's Ready For 100 Campaign - an effort to urge the City of Cleveland to commit to 100 percent clean energy by the year 2050 - the Lake Erie Development Corporation (LEEDCo) is asking northeast Ohioans become part of a human wind turbine, which will require more than 100 bodies this Sunday, Aug. 14 at 3 p.m. at the Abbey Road Overlook, 1402 Abbey Ave.

Participants are asked to wear orange or brown to be most visible for the planned aerial photo. Refreshments will be provided.

Sign up here.


Bon Appetit takes a CLE foodie tour

From Bon Appetit:

“People ask me why I left Portland, and I tell them that Cleveland now is very similar to what Portland was 15 years ago,” said Robert Stockham, general manager at the city’s premiere coffee roaster, Rising Star. Except Cleveland is a city with its own swagger, and a cost of living so low that Stockham said, “You can buy a house for less than a car, and you should never pay full retail price for anything here.” Also: Cleveland is the place for a hipster hotdog hangout that puts Froot Loops on its dogs, a brewery that has residents lining up for Christmas-spiced beer, and one of the world’s best symphony orchestras. Come hungry, and let Stockham be your guide.

Take his whole tour here.

School supplies, screening and music to round out "Back to School" celebration

On Saturday, Aug. 13, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Esperanza Inc., a stalwart local advocate for education in the Cleveland's Hispanic community, will host a "Back To School" celebration for the West 25th Street neighborhood.
The event will include distribution of 1,500 backpacks and school supplies to area students, as well as community dental and medical screenings. In addition, students and families will be able to sign up for Esperanza’s array of mentoring, leadership and tutoring programs. Music and vendors will round out the festivities, which will be held in the parking lot of Esperanza Offices at 3104 W. 25th Street.
Dental screenings will be provided by Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, while MetroHealth System and the Cleveland Clinic will provide health screenings. Local vendors, as well as representatives of educational institutions, human services, and childcare services will also be on hand. Cleveland's Hispanic radio station, La Mega, 87.7 FM, will provide music.
Event sponsors include McDonald’s of Northeast Ohio, and Cleveland Indians Pitcher Carlos Carrasco.
To donate to this event, contact Esperanza’s development director Laurel Wirtanen-Siloy at 216.652.7178 or mail donations to: Esperanza, 3104 W. 25th Street, 4th floor, Cleveland, OH, 44109. Donations can also be made online.
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