Fun: the NYT peeks 'behind the poster' of CPT's 'Barbecue'

The New York Times' Erik Piepenburg asks Cleveland artist Sean Higgins of The Bubble Process about what's going on in his funky poster for the Cleveland Public Theatre's current show, Barbecue, which is written by Robert O’Hara, directed by Beth Wood, and runs through March 11.

From the Q & A:

Why did you render the people in these wonderfully nonhuman colors?

It’s a big thing in illustration now to use different colors of people to make it race neutral. They are obviously different races but not black and white. It’s an oversimplified way to do people: big eyes, the bare minimum, almost cartoony in a way but trying to take a naïve approach to humans without getting detailed.

Read the whole article over at the NYT.
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