VIDEO: Khloe Kardashian loves .... Cleveland!

Khloe Kardashian, who is in a relationship with Cavs' center/power forward Tristan Thompson talked about life in Cleveland during an episode of The Talk last week.

“Everyone is so nice there,” reported Kardashian to Sharon Osbourne and the rest of the gang. “It’s a normal routine life. I love to cook, so I get to cook dinner every day. It’s this home, family thing that I’ve been craving that I get to have in Cleveland.”

“I love that it snows. I spent Christmas there and it was — snow," added Kardashian. "I’m not used to that. I’m born and raised in California, so everyone thinks I’m crazy for loving the snow. I’m like, ‘It’s snowing! This is so fun!’ and [Tristan's] like, ‘No you’re going to get over it in one year.’

"But I love it.”

Welcome to Cleveland, Khloe. As for the snow, we usually have a good bit more of it. Why not hang around and see what the weather's like next year?

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