nasa + rta + h = h2o + go

A new partnership between NASA and the Greater Cleveland RTA has resulted in a space-age bus (oxymoron alert!).
Powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, which converts hydrogen gas into water and electricity, the bus can travel the streets of Cleve for up to 100 miles per "fill-up."
The plan is to install a hydrogen fueling station at the RTA garage in East Cleveland that will power the fuel cell bus.
"The purpose of the project is to demonstrate alternative energy technologies and build awareness for hydrogen fuel cells," reports WKSU's Jeff St. Clair. "Northeast Ohio is a center for fuel cell research. The state's Third Frontier Fuel Cell program, from 2003 to 2011, pumped $90 million into fuel cell research and manufacturing in Ohio."
For a great description on how fuel cells work, listen to this broadcast from WKSU.
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