moca gets attention for green building, approach to art

In an Earth Techling piece titled “Minimalist Cleveland Art Museum Seeks LEED Silver,” Randy Woods describes how MOCA is not only a uniquely designed building, but energy efficient as well.
“Designed by British architect Farshid Moussavi, the new 34,000-squaure-foot MOCA provides 44 percent more exhibit space than its previous home and is vying for LEED Silver status with a geothermal HVAC system, efficient LED lighting, a compact floor plan that utilizes virtually every square inch for exhibits and easy accessibility to rapid transit.”
The efficiency does not stop in design and operation alone: The museum's approach to art holdings is also "green."
“In true green fashion, MOCA is applying a minimalist aesthetic to its operational model, focusing not on acquiring permanent collections but on custom-made installations and community programming. By having almost no space available for storage, the museum relies instead on a rotating schedule of artists to create works that can incorporate elements of the museum’s design, including stairwells. This flexible model also makes the $27 million museum less costly to operate.”
Explore the entire piece here.
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