green jobs surge ahead in recession, including cleveland

Triple Pundit, a publication that covers "people, planet, and profit," recently published an article that counters assumptions that the green economy is just a passing fad.
"To hear conservative commentators tell it, the green economy is a fad, with trumped up benefits, offering jobs that only come at the expense of conventional jobs. And now, they say, with a recession raging all around us, is not the time to be investing money in a more sustainable future," writes the reporter.
Rather, "global demand for renewables grew by 31 percent during 2011 to nearly $250 billion. Last month, renewable energy jobs in the European Union broke through to 1.14 million, finally exceeding through the milestone million. The report goes on to say that the EU is on track to meet their goal of 20% renewables by 2020."
Closer to home, clean energy jobs in the US, in the years 1998-2007, grew by 9.1% while overall jobs grew by only 3.7%.
Mark Muro, of the Brookings Institution, says the 100,000 green jobs were added between 2003-2010, with the highest levels of growth occurring in areas with green tech clusters, like Albany, NY and Cleveland, OH.
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