huff post lauds cleveland and its new urban agrarianism

In an article titled "Rust Belt Cities and the New Urban Agrarianism," Huffington Post writer Aaron Bartley states, “Cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Milwaukee and Buffalo have shown special promise as sites of food production. By melding a critical analysis of the corporate food chain with innovative and resourceful community-based production techniques, grassroots groups in these cities have reclaimed large swaths of vacant land for a range of urban agricultural experiments."
Cleveland, like so many other Rust Belt cities, is experiencing poverty, depopulation, and overall deterioration.  With such decline also comes the opportunity to do something great for the benefit of all.
In a detailed story highlighting numerous cities, Bartley mentions that in Cleveland, Evergreen Coops broke ground last November on a massive greenhouse operation on five acres of urban land that will eventually produce three million heads of lettuce and 300,000 pounds of herbs annually to be sold and distributed across Northeastern Ohio. 
The facility, named Green City Growers, is set to open this spring.
Read the full Huffington Post story here.
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