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In a Lottery League of Their Own
In an awesome post on Whopperjaw, an online music and arts blog, writer Sam Fryberger interviews the founders -- Jae Kristoff, Michael Pultz and Ed Sotelo -- of the popular Lottery League event on the unexpected success of their wacky idea.
"Lottery League is a large-scale recurring experiment that brings together diverse Cleveland musicians and forces them to form new bands on the spot with people they definitely have never played with and may never have even met before. Each new group gets two months to come together, develop their band’s identity and, of course, practice for the Big Show on April 13 (which is free and open to the public)," Fryberger writes.
The numbers are staggering: nearly 200 participants in the event are randomly matched to create 42 brand new bands.

 “At the end of this you are booked for a gig. You aren’t getting paid, but you have a show and you are expected to perform,” the musicians are told.

Regarding the creation, Kristoff says: Ed Sotelo had posted a long rant on there about the lousy music he had seen the night before and about how he thought all city’s bands should break up and be part of sports-like draft. I was like, “Holy shit.” Then, Nate and I started talking about it. Eventually I ended up calling Ed and said, “Remember that thing you posted earlier? We can totally do that.”

Sotelo: I don’t remember, but I am pretty sure I said, “Whatever, dude.” But it was definitely a fun idea even then when he laid it out. Jae was assuring me, “It’s going to happen.”

Sotelo continues: Here’s a chance to completely take a risk and have fun. Some cats are really hungry for something like that. I can go play my own stuff for three hours or I can play someone else’s stuff for three hours. But you know what would be great? If I could just say “fuck it” and hang out with people I’ve never met for a while and do something completely different musically. I believe that every musician, regardless of genre, deep down inside would like to be challenged and wants to create.
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