wired mag reviews tremont electric's n-power peg

Wired magazine gets its hands on Tremont Electric’s nPower PEG, and gives it the onec over.

Titled "Need to Gas Up Your Phone? Take a Lap," the feature tests the device and gives it good marks.

"Here’s a familiar scenario: You’re walking somewhere, and you realize you’re going to be late. You reach for your phone to call, but your battery is as dead as Osama. You need some juice, stat. But with no outlet or charger nearby, you’re up the ol’ creek again."

"I’ve just tested a device made for moments like these: Tremont Electric’s nPower PEG backup charger. It purports to capture the energy your body gives off just by just walking or cycling, funneling volts into your dead cellphone battery, and bringing the device back to life or extending talk-time into the great beyond."

And the final verdict:

"Recharges cellphones with low or dead batteries using the kinetic energy of your bodily movements. 14 ounces and not too bulky, so you can carry it anywhere. Great for emergencies."

Read the rest of the review here.
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