FreshWater Banner Specifications
Rev 1.0 / 2023-06-02


On this page, we'll talk about where your banners can be displayed, file formats and sizes. We'll talk about what's going to be displayed and where, and ways you can customize that to suit your needs. You may already know some of the below, so we've tried to structure the content to be progressively less-basic as it goes on.

Single or Multiple Campaigns

A "campaign" is just the concept you're promoting ("Summer Fest 2023", "Grand Opening", etc.), and you can put as many different types of banners into that campaign. If you're only promoting a single concept, you likely only need one campaign. If you have more, we can create more. A campaign can (and should) offer up multiple banners for the same concept - don't feel like you need to cram as many details as possible into a single banner!

Banner Content Recommendations

  • Keep content short an consise - you may offer every service in the world, but you only have a small space to convey that. Remember that your banner won't just be view on desktops, but also tablets and phones — the goal is to take the person to YOUR page where you can expand on your banner's content as much as you like, you just need to give them a reason to go there.
  • Keep imagery light - File sizes are something to consider here, but images in general should be treated as secondary to your actual messaging, and...
  • Please do not put text over images - Text over images can make it very difficult for some folks to read.
  • Convey the most important bits - Make sure your banner tells people who you are and and what you actually want them to know for the campaign.