Bob Perkoski

In addition to his work for Fresh Water, Bob Perkoski is the official photographer for LAND studio and Cleveland Burlesque. He recently published a book of his photos Rust Belt Burlesque. He's had work published in other books like LGBTQ Cleveland by Ken Schneck, Rust Belt Chic: The Cleveland Anthology, Rust Belt Chic: The Pittsburgh Anthology and Moon Cleveland by Douglas Trattner. Previously he was co-founder/art director for Balanced Living Magazine. His substantial portfolio includes news coverage, portraiture, commercial imagery and fine art. Perkoski's first solo show, These Walks of Life premiered in December 2016 in Negative Space Gallery. Visit Perkoski Photography for complete profile information.

Originally from Conneaut, Ohio, Perkoski now calls Cleveland his home. He has been Fresh Water's managing photographer since the publication's September 2010 inception.


Buzz Chester Avenue Downtown

#StreetsofCLE: Snapshot on Chester Avenue

Buzz W. 25th Street in the Clark - Fulton neighborhood

#StreetsofCLE: Snapshot in Clark-Fulton

Buzz W 65th Street in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood

#StreetsofCLE: Snapshot on West 65th Street

Buzz Broadway Ave in Slavic Village

#StreetsofCLE: Snapshot on Broadway Avenue

Buzz Madison Ave in Lakewood

#StreetsofCLE: Snapshot on Madison Avenue

Buzz East 55th Street

#StreetsofCLE: Snapshot on East 55th Street

Buzz East 105th & Quincy - The Opportunity Corridor

#StreetsofCLE: Snapshot on East 105th and Quincy

Buzz East 9th Street, Downtown

#StreetsofCLE: Snapshot on East 9th Street

Buzz East 36th & Payne in the Asiatown Neighborhood
Buzz Lorain & W54th Street in the Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood
Buzz Lorain Avenue in Ohio City

#StreetsofCLE: Snapshot on Lorain Avenue in Ohio City

Buzz Euclid Ave Bus Stop

#StreetsofCLE: Snapshot at the bus stop

Buzz Euclid Avenue in East Cleveland
Buzz 108th Street & East Blvd. in University Circle

#StreetsofCLE: Snapshot in University Circle

Buzz Madison Avenue in the Cudell Neighborhood

#StreetsofCLE: Snapshot on Madison in Cudell

Buzz East 9th Street - Downtown Cleveland

#StreetsofCLE: Snapshot at Erie Street Cemetery