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Christine McBurney

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Christine McBurney is an educator,  writer, theater artist, and Co-Artistic Director of Mamai Theatre Company. Her writing has appeared in The Plain Dealer, Belt Magazine, Northern Ohio Live, CWRU Magazine, and other publications. She lives in Cleveland Heights.
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Babes on the boards: A guide to summer theatre camps
Northeast Ohio is still a mega manufacturing center for one thing: theatre arts. And when it comes to summer theatre opportunities, parents are spoiled for choice.
the art of social dancing is not dead
Social dancing is a great way to meet new people, get exercise and explore Cleveland. From Brazilian capoeira to contra dancing, here are four local places to get your groove on.
happy 50th anniversary, nighttown (you figure it out!)
Fresh Water's inveterate barfly looks through the bottom of her pint glass at the history of Nighttown, one of Cleveland's oldest and most celebrated bars, restaurants and music clubs.
anchor districts are the new engines of job creation, and that's a good thing for cities
New research suggests that innovation districts, whose growth is fueled by anchor institutions, companies and startups working in close proximity to one another, may be growing faster than traditional downtowns.
east meets west: a new generation of businesses bridging the old divide
Ask a millennial about the east-west divide and their eyebrows usually rise and knit over their black frame glasses. These days, west side shops are popping up on the east side, while east side institutions are making inroads west.
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