Help wanted: Driftwood lures employees with good pay, perks, and a progressive work culture

Lately, “We’re Hiring” signs have become all too common in Northeast Ohio and across the country. In fact, 2021 has become known as the year of “The Great Resignation,” with many employees demanding an increase in pay and changes around the workplace—or quitting their jobs altogether for better opportunities. 

Driftwood Hospitality, Cleveland’s largest restaurant and catering companyDriftwood Hospitality, Cleveland’s largest restaurant and catering company, has done much more than comply with workers’ demands.

“We really took the time to listen to our employees when we shut down last year,” says Chris Hodgson, Driftwood president. “With many people leaving the hospitality industry for call centers and office jobs, we knew we had to offer more benefits and make changes within the company.”

In addition to offering competitive wages (between $15 and $20 an hour) and opportunities to advance, the company is providing plenty of extras—like on-the-job training, free meals, childcare, discounted cell phone rates, access to mental health resources, and other perks.

Of all the benefits offered by Driftwood, Hodgson is most proud of his company’s transparency. Unlike his competitors, Hodgson teaches employees how to climb the ladder and start a business of their own.

“We don’t hide anythingnot our financials, operations or how we run our business,” he says. “We are basically providing a blueprint, a free education if you will, for anyone in this business who wants to do it themselves. When it comes to business, we’re all selling our own ‘widgets,’ and our employees get to learn on our dollar.”

More than 450 positions need to be filled at Driftwood’s five area restaurants, catering business (including the newly-renovated Landerhaven), and concessions operation at Playhouse Square. Open positions include line cooks, chefs, bartenders, security, management, and more. If you’re interested in working for a company that cares for its employees and offers plenty of growth opportunities, apply through Driftwood’s website.

“We’re looking for people who want to start a career with us,” says Hodgson. “We really value our employees and foster a great work environment. A good work/life balance is the most valuable thing a company can offer, and we have just that.”

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Dana Shugrue is a recent graduate of John Carroll University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Communication with a concentration in digital media and minored in professional writing. Dana is currently a blog editor for Empowered & Poised, a start-up company that aims to empower young women through social, physical components, and a freelance writer for Contempo Communications and Civilis Consulting.

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