Get out! Haunted House Restaurant offers good food, a thrilling experience for the family

Andre Scott isn’t really fond of horror films, but he does admit that the 1988 movie “Child’s Play” is one of his favorites.

But there is no Chucky in the Haunted House Restaurant, that opens today, Tuesday, July 20, at the corner of Cedar and South Taylor Roads in Cleveland Heights.

Scott and his partners, Jeremiah Burks, Chris Thomas, Ryan Gullatt, along with Darnell "SuperChef" Ferguson's howling menu, are dead serious about their endeavor—"where the only thing that’s scary is how good our food is.”

Scott says they were training staff last week and hosted a soft opening. “We have an amazing staff in the font of house, we have an amazing staff in the back of house,” he says. “It’s very exciting.”

He says quality in the food and in the experience is what the team is aiming for. Now they are ready to welcome customers.

“It’s all about good food, good customer service,” says Scott, who is assistant varsity basketball coach at Cleveland Heights High School and works in sports management for NBA players. “I feel good, I feel confident and excited about the opening.”

Scott and his godbrother Gullatt talked for more than a year about opening a restaurant, he says, but Gullatt was the one with the theme. “I really didn’t have [a theme], I just wanted to sell burgers and fries,” Scott says. “I’m not a fan of scary movies, but I’m into the concept.”
The Haunted House Restaurant celebrates the classic horror and thriller movies with posters and murals throughout the 3,000-square-foot space, and even has theater popcorn at the entrance. But Scott assures guests they won’t be terrified.

“It’s not scary at all,” he says. “You’ll see a lot of things set up to pay homage to scary movies, but there’s nothing scary or gory—it’s a family-friendly restaurant.”

The menu also has something for everyone—from “brinner” to appetizers and entrees, to vegan options, and a kids menu. Scott says their signature dish is the Twilight—a crispy black waffle with cream cheese, whipped topping, and a sticky fried chicken wing, while other potential favorites could be Nightmare on Elm Street corn or Bang cauliflower kababs.

There is a full bar menu with handcrafted cocktails, or guests can order 51-ounce haunted bowl drinks in a variety of potions.

Scott says he and his partners have some fun events planned as they roll out, including monthly cosplay days for guests to dress up. Scott says the first one is planned for August.

The Haunted House Restaurant, 13463 Cedar Road, (216) 862-5584, is open Sunday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m.

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