Cleveland Restoration Society kicks off SNOOP! tours this Saturday with 1891 William H. Ford House

William H. Ford HouseDerek LindsayWilliam H. Ford House

The Cleveland Restoration Society (CRS) will kick off one of its most popular series this Saturday, Feb. 20—a virtual SNOOP! tour of the William H. Ford House at 4201 Franklin Blvd. in Ohio City.

The members-only SNOOP! tours provide exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to ongoing and completed historic preservation projects in and around the Greater Cleveland area.

The Queen Anne Victorian-style home is one of the most intact historic homes in the area and is a contributing structure to the Franklin Boulevard-West Clinton Historic District. Matt and Celine Shenk bought the house in 2014 when the historic home was deemed unlivable and showed signs of severe neglect. The Shenks restored many elements of the home’s original beauty and modernized other areas in keeping with period charm.

“While it served as a single-family home for many years, it was also used as a boarding house and rented out room by room,” says Margaret Lann, director of preservation services and publications for CRS. “The Shenks underwent four rounds of construction over the course of three years in order to revive the house.”

Lann says CRS’ Heritage Home Program helped the Shenks retain and restore many original features of the home—including vintage lighting fixtures, hardwood floors and trim, fireplaces, and specialty wall coverings. One of the most intriguing aspects of the home, Lann says, is the Lincrusta wallpaper.

Stephen Sullivan, a Youngstown-based historic Lincrusta expert with Sullivan’s Wallcoverings, will be on the panel along with the Shenks to discuss the restoration.

The tour is free and only open to CRS members. New memberships start at $35 per year. The tour takes place on Saturday, Feb. 20 at 10 a.m. There is a limit of 90 people for the event. Registrants will receive the Zoom link on Friday, Feb. 19.