Van Aken District is aglow for the holidays with former Nela Park displays

The Van Aken District in Shaker Heights is set to shine brightly for the holiday season and is being supported with a generous donation of vintage lighting displays from GE Lighting. At sunset on Friday, Nov. 27 more than 30 whimsical displays lit up at the District. These displays have been previously showcased at GE Lighting’s East Cleveland headquarters at NELA Park, 1901 Noble Road—known for its elaborate holiday lighting displays.

“We’re incredibly grateful for this donation of lighting displays from GE Lighting, a Savant company,” says Megan O’Donnell, spokesperson for the Van Aken District. “We know people are looking for holiday events that are both festive as well as safe, and thanks to the company’s support, we can offer that within the District.”

O’Donnell says GE Lighting saves its displays and was happy to share some of the past displays.

“They actually save all of the installations they build—and they’ve been showcasing displays for almost 100 years, so they have a lot.,” she says. “We strive to provide the best of what Cleveland offers in terms of retail, dining, and entertainment, and having the vintage lighting displays here underscores this distinctly ‘best of Cleveland’ experience.”

The Van Aken District holiday light display will be up through December, and the NELA Park lights go on this Friday, Dec. 4.