Buckeye Renaissance: Burten, Bell, Carr develops master plan to boost neighborhood assets
Burten, Bell, Carr Development, which covers four square miles through various eastern Cleveland neighborhoods, is focused on improving Buckeye.
Phone calls and fliers: Clevelanders go back to basics to fight vaccine hesitancy
Millions of Americans have already rolled up their sleeves for the COVID-19 vaccine. Now comes the next phase—reaching people who are hesitant or face barriers accessing it. 
Environmental injustice: Exploring the practices that fuel health and wealth hardships
The Cleveland Bar Association recently hosted a panel discussion examining the historic and continued environmental justice concerns that have fueled ongoing health and wealth impacts in city neighborhoods.
Commercial restoration: How investors and CDCs encourage reuse of historical structures
From former drug stores and medical supply businesses, to classic theaters of days gone by, Cleveland's Community Development Corporations make restoration and preservation of historic buildings a priority. 
Curb the violence: CDCs and residents come together to promote safe communities
The rise in violence that occurred in Cleveland in 2020 reflected a very difficult year, but that has not deterred residents and professionals from addressing it with care. 
Levi Scofield: Soldier, sculptor, architect
Cleveland Masterworks: From Civil War soldier to designing the Soldiers and Sailors monument and Central High School, to his home on a bluff overlooking the city, Levi Scofield was a man of many talents.
An impactful return: Burten, Bell, Carr’s new real estate development manager has big plans
Russell Underwood's real estate expertise and personable nature make the Cleveland native a perfect choice to lead new development projects in the Buckeye, Central, and Kinsman neighborhoods as Burten, Bell, Carr's new real estate development manager. 
Share the Bread: Orlando Baking and Hunger Network team up to feed struggling restaurant workers
With the restaurant industry in trouble, the Orlando Baking Company—a fixture in Cleveland since 1904—is working with the Hunger Network to raise money, and food, for the area's foodservice industry staff who have been hit the hardest.
Building Bridges: Local professionals fill the gaps in community leadership
Designed for enthusiastic individuals who are not content with sitting on the sidelines, Bridge Builders is a group of professionals who are keen on becoming community leaders.
Out of sorrow comes beauty: How beautification projects unite Cleveland neighborhoods
Some current and future beautification efforts in Cleveland neighborhoods aim to do more than enhance scenery—the partners behind these projects hope to uplift entire communities.
Door-to-door: Advocates canvass neighborhoods, informing tenants and trying to prevent evictions
Members of the Democratic Socialists of America and other organizations are hitting Cleveland streets, making sure residents know their rights, and how to get assistance, when facing evictions.
Buckeye becomes a neighborhood of second chances as EDWINS expands its life skills campus
EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute founder Brandon Chrostowski continues to revitalize the Buckeye neighborhood while giving formerly incarcerated people a second chance—this time with the purchase of two muti-family houses on East 130th Street
There's a party going on to celebrate Juneteenth
NAACP Cleveland,  Buckeye Summer Soul, and Neighbor Up have a walk and a party in the park planned for Saturday to celebrate Juneteenth.
COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund grants more than $900,000 this week to 20 nonprofits
The COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund continues to grant funds to nonprofit organizations helping those affected by the coronavirus. Read about what latest grant recipients are doing in the city.
Anti-bullying project shows #CLE kids that words hurt too
Craven Smith’s Live2Love Project aims to open lines of communication to shut down bullies.
Let's go outside: 5 hidden jewels to explore amid Cleveland's Emerald Necklace
If fresh air is the only thing getting you through in this age of social distancing, chances are you're looking for some new spots off the beaten path in order to avoid like-minded crowds. Think outside the box with these five spots, which are lesser known but definitely deserve a spot among the "greatest hits" of Cleveland's great outdoors.
Shazam! Can comic books slay the high functional illiteracy rate in Mt. Pleasant?

Like the millions of moviegoers who saw "Black Panther" on its opening weekend in February 2018, Dawn Arrington was captivated by the film’s superhero story brought to life by a predominantly black cast. But unlike most of those moviegoers, Arrington took it a step further to become a hero in her own right.

Cleveland officials say proposed police HQ will give economic boost to blighted Kinsman
City of Cleveland officials make their case for building a new police headquarters in the Kinsman neighborhood next to the Opportunity Corridor.
A new park in Buckeye carries on the memory of fallen police officer Derek Owens
A new park is making sure Derek Owens' life was not lost in vain—bringing vibrancy and hope to a neighborhood with a dearth of greenspace. 
In their footsteps: Cleveland Restoration Society plans civil rights trail with historical markers
Cleveland's role in the civil rights movement is often overlooked. The Cleveland Restoration Society hopes to remedy that with a civil rights trail consisting of 10 Ohio Historical Markers.