During the day, downtown Cleveland functions as the governmental, commercial and legal nucleus of Cuyahoga County. Daily, tens of thousands of people commute here to work at law firms, banks, insurance companies and in municipal offices. At the end of the day, many of those people get in cars or hop on trains and return home to far-flung suburbs. But not all of them. More and more, people are choosing to call downtown home, taking up residence in warehouse lofts, sleek new condos and apartments carved out of former office buildings. Hovering at 98-percent occupancy, the residential market in downtown Cleveland is at its highest point in 60 years. 

Street Level Flight simulator used for training at the Women's Air and Space Museum
Buzz East 3rd & Superior Avenue, Downtown

#StreetsofCLE: Snapshot on East Third Street

Buzz Superior Ave. Downtown near Public Square

#StreetsofCLE: Snapshot on Superior Avenue

Street Level 10K Movement team in Cleveland Public Square - multiple workshops were taught by 10K Movement dance artists during Summer 2020.