Edgewater & Cudell

Acting as the intercessor between Lakewood and Cleveland, the Edgewater neighborhood is an affluent, green and coastal extension of Lake Road. Beholden not only to its namesake park, Edgewater also holds links to Detroit Shoreway and the “Gold Coast” series of apartment complexes. Edgewater also is bound to the Cudell neighborhood, whose Cudell Improvement Inc. works to preserve and perpetuate buildings and sections in both areas. So far, the organization has worked on projects like the Fruitland School, Upham Building, Scharkofsky Building, and Kirby Manor, among others. Cudell has a variety of coffee spots, apartment buildings, and is minutes away from downtown, acting in conjunction with Edgewater to connect those western to those eastern in Northeast Ohio.

Buzz Madison Avenue in the Cudell Neighborhood

#StreetsofCLE: Snapshot on Madison in Cudell

Buzz Madison Ave in the Cudell Neighborhood

#StreetsofCLE:Snapshot in Cudell

Buzz Madison Avenue - Cudell Neighborhood

#StreetsofCLE: Snapshot on Madison Avenue

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