Shaker Square & Larchmere

Nola Movement prepares to open inside UNBar Cafe in Larchmere in January
Nike Olabisi is always on the move, and she’s about to take the Larchmere neighborhood with her.
Business Growth Collaborative helps Cleveland minority entrepreneurs break down barriers
The Business Growth Collaborative brings 11 Northeast Ohio nonprofits together to help minority entrepreneurs and small-business owners grow and develop.
Chef Katz introduces Zhug, bringing a shared dining experience to Cedar-Fairmount
Chef and restaurateur Douglas Katz's newest restaurant, Zhug in the Cedar-Fairmount District, combines flavors from the historical spice trade routes that passed through the Middle East.
In their footsteps: Cleveland Restoration Society plans civil rights trail with historical markers
Cleveland's role in the civil rights movement is often overlooked. The Cleveland Restoration Society hopes to remedy that with a civil rights trail consisting of 10 Ohio Historical Markers.
The Full Cleveland is inspiring Clevelanders to hike the urban jungle, eight miles at a time
Twice a year, Peet McCain invites other Cleveland residents to join him in exploring Northeast Ohio on foot on an eight-mile hike he calls "The Full Cleveland."
Cleveland Rape Crisis Center responds to need with new office in Shaker Square
The Cleveland Rape Crisis Center saw an urgent need to serve African-American survivors of sexual assault. It hopes its new office conveniently located on Shaker Square will improve its accessibility to those who need it the most.
Ready to pop: Collinwood's most colorful building set to open its doors as Pop Life
After two years, Pop Life is ready to make its debut at the intersection of creativity, collaboration, and wellness in Collinwood.
How three brothers turned a fermenting hobby into a thriving business
Projected to be a $5 million to $7 million business in 2019, with sales growth expected to be as much as 500 percent, Cleveland Kraut is considered to be one of the fastest growing businesses in the fermented food industry.
Summer Sprout takes urban gardeners from rookies to green thumbs
Replacing urban vacant lots with green spaces provides countless benefits for local neighborhoods, but one of the most rewarding parts of the city's gardening program is seeing beginning gardeners transform into leaders.
Six big, bold ideas that could change Cleveland as we know it, 2nd edition
Check out our six-pack of audacious efforts to distinguish Northeast Ohio in a growing global economy. From harnessing wind power to jumpstarting small businesses, each of these ideas could make a major impact.
One in 11 Ohioans has a felony conviction. Isn't it time they received a second chance?
Your spirits will be instantly uplifted within mere seconds of sitting down with Karen McAlpine. The 38-year-old mother of three radiates a positive energy that is no less than supremely infectious. Currently, McAlpine is seeking an opportunity to channel her gift of an inspiring personality into a career where she can help people, make a difference, and somehow give back. Her ever-present smile only falters when she reflects on her experiences trying to secure such a job.
We Tried It: Magic wand-making at Larchmere Fire Works
I’ll admit it: I’ve never cracked open a Harry Potter book, but I’m definitely a huge fan of the old-school, rabbit-and-hat variety of magic. So when our writer Ken Schneck invited me to test out the new glass wand-making class at Larchmere Fire Works with him, I was in faster than you could say, “Presto!” (After all, we can all use a little more magic in our lives.)
Inside the Cuyahoga County Early Childhood Equity Forum—and why it matters so much
From its perch atop a hill in Shaker Square-Buckeye, the Benjamin Rose Institute for Aging boasts an expansive view of Cleveland and its skyline that makes it easy to feel like anything is possible—and that was exactly the vibe at the conclusion of the Early Childhood Equity Forum, held there last Friday, April 12.
Now hear this: The five Cleveland podcasts you need to add to your rotation right now
When Lakewood resident Katie Tackett started her Muse Room podcast in late 2018, fellow podcaster Katie Dalebout shared some sage wisdom: “Podcasting is the new networking.” This assertion rings true for just about every podcaster—affording the chance to curate a dream lineup of interviewees—and we listeners get to go along for the ride. 
Land Conservancy study finds Cleveland's east side neighborhoods rebounding from foreclosure crisis
Cleveland's east side is steadily emerging from the 2010 housing crisis—with the number of vacant and distressed structures decreasing significantly while home prices are on the rise.

So go the findings of a 2018 report by the Western Reserve Land Conservancy that examined 13 Cleveland neighborhoods (including Fairfax, Slavic Village, and Shaker Square). 
The state of Cleveland print media: Local journalists ponder journalism in the next era
Anyone who set foot in the Beachland Ballroom last Saturday might have thought the rumors of print media's demise have been greatly exaggerated. At the sold-out Concert for Truth, more than 450 people gathered to show their support for local journalism and those who bring us the news every day. The event featured 11 local musicians who volunteered their time and talents to raise about $5,000 for the 24 Plain Dealer employees who are being laid off after March.
Why Say Yes to Education is a game-changer for not just CMSD students, but all of Cleveland
With 20 cities in the running, Cleveland’s chances of becoming the next Say Yes to Education chapter—and only the fourth in the country to receive the distinction—were just a paltry five percent. Yet according to Say Yes founder George Weiss, it was no contest.
Making the cut: EDWINS butcher shop almost ready to make its debut in Buckeye
Ever since Brandon Chrostowski opened EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute on Shaker Square in 2013, he has had his eye on bigger things for both his graduates and the Buckeye neighborhood.

On Thursday, Dec. 13, Chrostowski will take a second big step forward in that vision when he opens EDWINS Butcher Shop at 13024 Buckeye Road, just steps from the $1.3 million EDWINS Second Change Life Skills Center campus he opened in 2016.
Free Stamp: All things free in the #CLE for June 2018
Fresh Water's monthly "Free Stamp" feature rounds up the freshest free events in Cleveland.
With Oscar buzz for 'Knife Skills' and a James Beard guest stint, EDWINS is really cooking
When EDWINS founder Brandon Chrostowski told documentarian Thomas Lennon that he was "opening the greatest French restaurant in the country, in Cleveland,’” that alone was enough to pique Lennon’s interest—but then Chrostowski told him the restaurant would be staffed entirely by people just out of prison. “I knew in 10 seconds there was a film,” says Lennon.