Shaker Square & Larchmere

Brick by brick: Residents continue their quest to save deteriorating buildings on South Moreland
A group of residents in the Shaker Square and Buckeye neighborhoods are circulating a petition to save a deteriorating South Moreland property at 2962 Moreland Blvd.
Huge mural in Buckeye celebrates, tells the story of African American history
Cleveland leaders and residents on Saturday gathered in Amos Norwood Mini-Park for the unveiling of artist Anna Arnold's six-foot-by-44-foot mural telling the history of African Americans.
EDWINS campus is expanding with additional housing in Buckeye
After continuously growing its footprint in the Buckeye neighborhood over the past eight years, EDWINS is expanding its campus again with a new 8,270-suare-foot living unit.
In the bag: Pope’s Kitchen launches new line of cocktail pouches this weekend
Food entrepreneur Clark Pope is launching a new line of cocktail pouches in three flavors this summer. 
Mindful munching: New vegan restaurant adapts to growing lifestyle trends
Practicing mindfulness is a tool used to reduce stress and anxiety. Andrew Taylor-Shaut is promoting mindful eating through his new vegan restaurant SomethinGood to Eat in Larchmere. 
EDWINS staff hosts virtual cooking classes for all ages, skill levels
Brandon Chrostowski and his EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute staff launched a cook-from-home Zoom cooking class series this month—offering classes for all skill levels and ages.
Wrap it up: NEOCH’s annual Street Chronicle, wrapping paper edition, hits the streets
The wrapping paper edition of the Cleveland Street Chronicle is on sale now. Get yours today from vendors or participating stores.
Culinary twist: Local event planner, Cleveland's top chefs host online cooking classes for charity
Event planner Amy Pappas has found a way to keep both local foodies and chefs engaged at home during the pandemic with Zoom cooking classes—and the proceeds go to good causes.
LISTEN --> FreshFaces Podcast: Cait Kennedy of [unBail]
Our FreshFaces podcast is back for season two! Episode One features [unBail] executive director Cait Kennedy, who helped design the [unBail] app as a "Google maps for court cases" to help defendants better navigate the criminal justice system.
Triple cream heaven: Marchant Manor Cheese plans to open shop doors by the holidays
A year after securing a storefront on Lee Road in Cleveland Heights, Kandice Marchant is nearing completion of Marchant Manor Cheese Shop—with high hopes to be open for the winter holidays.
Buckeye becomes a neighborhood of second chances as EDWINS expands its life skills campus
EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute founder Brandon Chrostowski continues to revitalize the Buckeye neighborhood while giving formerly incarcerated people a second chance—this time with the purchase of two muti-family houses on East 130th Street
COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund grants more than $900,000 this week to 20 nonprofits
The COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund continues to grant funds to nonprofit organizations helping those affected by the coronavirus. Read about what latest grant recipients are doing in the city.
Culinary Crisis: Chef Doug Katz is cautiously optimistic that restaurants will rebound
Chef Doug Katz sees hope in Cleveland's restaurants surviving COVID-19 with new innovations in dining out. 
Stop in and get a virtual hug at Larchmere’s UnBAR Café
Larchmere has a new health-conscious hybrid coffee and entertainment spot. UnBAR Cafe recently opened, serving up a peaceful atmosphere instead of alcohol.
Shazam! Can comic books slay the high functional illiteracy rate in Mt. Pleasant?

Like the millions of moviegoers who saw "Black Panther" on its opening weekend in February 2018, Dawn Arrington was captivated by the film’s superhero story brought to life by a predominantly black cast. But unlike most of those moviegoers, Arrington took it a step further to become a hero in her own right.

Nola Movement prepares to open inside UNBar Cafe in Larchmere in January
Nike Olabisi is always on the move, and she’s about to take the Larchmere neighborhood with her.
Business Growth Collaborative helps Cleveland minority entrepreneurs break down barriers
The Business Growth Collaborative brings 11 Northeast Ohio nonprofits together to help minority entrepreneurs and small-business owners grow and develop.
Chef Katz introduces Zhug, bringing a shared dining experience to Cedar-Fairmount
Chef and restaurateur Douglas Katz's newest restaurant, Zhug in the Cedar-Fairmount District, combines flavors from the historical spice trade routes that passed through the Middle East.
In their footsteps: Cleveland Restoration Society plans civil rights trail with historical markers
Cleveland's role in the civil rights movement is often overlooked. The Cleveland Restoration Society hopes to remedy that with a civil rights trail consisting of 10 Ohio Historical Markers.
The Full Cleveland is inspiring Clevelanders to hike the urban jungle, eight miles at a time
Twice a year, Peet McCain invites other Cleveland residents to join him in exploring Northeast Ohio on foot on an eight-mile hike he calls "The Full Cleveland."