Fresh Fork Market and chef Adam Lambert to open boutique grocery in Ohio City

Ohio City is set to welcome a unique new storefront that will marry a high-end whole-animal butcher with one of the area's most notable proprietors of fresh local produce and dairy.
Trevor Clatterbuck of Fresh Fork Market is teaming up with chef Adam Lambert (Bar Cento, Lola, the Black Pig) to open a new storefront at 3208 Lorain Avenue, which formerly housed Ohio City Writers.
"We have a lot of similar ideas of the way things should be produced," says Clatterbuck of the partnership. "We've been traveling around buying breeding stock for this project," he adds, tagging farms in Chardon, Wilmot and Ashland. Offerings will also include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy and eggs collected from more than 100 area farms, many of which do not have websites (although there are one or two exceptions).
The duo hopes to complete the buildout in time for an early fall opening, when produce is at its peak. While they haven't settled on a name yet, they're leaning towards Ohio City Provisions: Market and Butcher. Doug Wahl of Visio Architects is proceeding with the design of the privately funded project.
The approximately 2,000-square-foot space will be open seven days a week with varying hours. Slaughtered animals will arrive as hanging sides, which Lambert will convert into retail cuts and "old-world charcuterie," including sausages, pates, terrines and cured meats.
"We're bringing in the whole animal," says Lambert. "Nothing goes to waste." He'll also craft selections such as headcheese and liver mousse.
Originally planned as part of Sam McNulty's "Palace of Fermentation," Clatterbuck and Lambert decided to branch out on their own due to the scheduling of that project.
"It's just taking more time and more time and more time," says Lambert.
The Ohio City space includes two connected storefronts, one of which will feature dairy and produce and the other will showcase the meats, butchering and a small cooking area that will accommodate a limited take-out menu. The shop will employ approximately six.
"It will be my first storefront," says Clatterbuck, who boasts 3,500 weekly subscribers to his online-only Fork Fresh Market. The new store will carry the same product line he offers those customers, but with the convenience of a brick and mortar location.
Housed in the 1906 Miller Building, which is co-owned by Ohio City Inc. and the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization, the new business will join a hair salon and BuckBuck studio on the first floor. The upper floors house 18 residential units.
"It’s a beautiful building," says Tom McNair, executive director of Ohio City Inc. of the red brick structure, "but it's not unique for Lorain Avenue," which he calls the "last vestige of commercial Victorian architecture in Cleveland."
While the West Side Market and The Grocery are in very close proximity, McNair believes this high-end foodie addition will positively impact all three businesses and the neighborhood at large.
"You start clustering a lot of the same type of businesses and it can be a very powerful thing," says McNair. "I think it really builds up Ohio City as an epicenter of fresh food and produce. It’s a great fit all the way around."

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