Sophisticated fun to top the menu at Pinecrest with bocce, bowling, movies alongside fine dining

Two unusual entertainment venues will be part of Fairmount Property's forthcoming $230 million Pinecrest mixed-use development project located at I-271 and Harvard Road in Orange Village when it opens in 2017.
Silverspot Cinemas will bring movie going to a new level with luxurious leather seats and an upscale restaurant. Pinstripes will feature bocce, bowling and an Italian/American themed restaurant and bar.
While plans are still on the drawing board, Randi Emerman, head of marketing for Silverspot, says the approximately 46,000-square-foot venue will tentatively feature 10 screens. All theaters will have oversized seating, including ottomans for those in the first row. Exact seating has yet to be determined, but Silverspot's three other locations in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and Naples and Coconut Creek, Florida, have between 80 and 160 seats for each screen. The staff at the new Silverspot will number about 120.
For those who prefer to stick with candy, cola and popcorn, those traditional movie concessions and others will be available. But film buffs seeking a more refined plate and cup can step into the on-site (and separate) restaurant that will feature cocktails and chef inspired cuisine.
"All of our chefs are hired locally," says Emerman.
While moviegoers are not obligated to dine on site and vice versa, the end goal is to bring sophistication to the tried and true dinner-and-a-movie outing.
"Once you walk into our doors, we're going to make that movie experience great and well rounded, whether you're going to the movies or having a cocktail or snack," says Emerman. "We're here because we love movies," she adds.
The impetus for Pinstripes wasn't a movie, but something much more nostalgic for northeast Ohioans.
"The original inspiration for Pinstripes was bowling as a six year old at Pepper Lanes," says the company's owner and founder Dale Schwartz, who is also a native of Beachwood and Hawken School alum. "It isn't there anymore," he adds of Pepper Lanes. The Eton shopping center now occupies its former site on Chagrin Boulevard.
While that bowling alley may be gone, the memories it kindled have grown into a thriving business. Pinstripes boast seven locations from Kansas to Illinois, with as many as 10 new locations pending, including the one at Pinecrest, which is already inked.
While plans are still tentative, the new facility will feature a 30,000-square-foot two-story interior with about 16 lanes of bowling and eight bocce courts. A large all-weather patio outfitted with fire pits will accommodate outdoor dining and some of the bocce. Pinstripe at Pinecrest will have more than 100 employees.
The venue will accommodate up to 300 for banquets and 1,000 for parties. Events will likely include weddings, bah mitzvahs, high school reunions, birthday parties and any number of corporate events. The facility will have a divisible banquet space and private party rooms. The bowling lanes and bocce courts will also accommodate smaller parties.
"We plan on hosting close to 2,000 events a year at this Pinecrest location - if not more," says Schwartz.  
The full service bar will feature local craft beers amid an array of other potent potables. Kitchen offerings will include Italian American classics, all of which are made from scratch on site.
"We make our own pasta, pizza dough and all of our own sauces," says Schwartz, adding that his kitchens take the concept of homemade down to the smallest detail. "We make our own marshmallows."
A number of events will include regular Sunday brunches, live jazz on Saturday nights and Tot Time play dates during weekdays.
Schwartz says his team was attracted to the Pinecrest project on account of easy accessibility via Interstate 271, Cleveland's vibrant business community, a good selection of area hotels and local people who appreciate sophisticated fun.
"Cleveland has wonderful communities," he says.
That Pinecrest is signing other topnotch tenants also fits into Schwartz's grand scheme.
"We really like locations where there's a very attractive and quality mix of other entertainment, retail and restaurants," says Schwartz, praising the recently announced inclusions of Silverspot, Whole Foods Market, Red, the Steakhouse and REI within the Pinecrest project.
"Those are all either unique or some of the best-in-class in their respective categories," he adds, "which is what we like to be amongst."

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