A rainbow of angels: group shields children attending Drag Story Hour

Last Saturday, Aug. 25, the Near West Theatre in the Detroit Shoreway and Cleveland icon Veranda L’Ni hosted their popular Drag Story Hour for three- to eight-year-olds and their families.

The regular event has doubled in attendance from when it first started in 2019 and continues to grow. About 85 families signed up for Saturday's event.

Not everyone, however, is a fan of Drag Story Hour, however.

So, Paula Kampf and her nonprofit Angels in Action organized a group of about 40 volunteers, dressed in bright floral clothing and carrying rainbow umbrellas, to line a path of protection for the youngsters attending Story Hour.

They shielded the kids from the view of the Story Time protesters, as well as protecting the children from potentially ugly and angry words as the attendees entered and exited the theater.

In all, the event was a success—the children and their families had a wonderful Saturday morning story time, and the kids could choose a free book to take home at the end of the event..

FreshWater managing photographer Bob Perkoski attended Drag Story Hour as well and documented this rainbow of love and protection on a summer Saturday morning.

Bob Perkoski
Bob Perkoski

About the Author: Bob Perkoski

Bob is managing photographer with FreshWater as well as a Cleveland freelance photographer. His photographic approach is rooted in the art of storytelling. Whether freezing the energy of an event, encapsulating the magic of a performance, or astutely anticipating the decisive moments, his work displays an innate ability to distill the essence of any scene or subject into a single frame or series of work. In addition, Bob is the official photographer for LAND studio and Holden Forest and Gardens and has worked with various Cleveland organizations. In 2019 he published a book of his photos Rust Belt Burlesque. He's had work published in other books like LGBTQ Cleveland by Ken Schneck, Rust Belt Chic: The Cleveland Anthology, Rust Belt Chic: The Pittsburgh Anthology and Moon Cleveland by Douglas Trattner. Previously he was co-founder/art director for Balanced Living Magazine. You can view his versatile portfolio of work, which includes news coverage, portraiture, architectural and fine art at Perkoski Photography. Originally from Conneaut, Ohio, Perkoski now lives close to the city in Parma. He has been Fresh Water's managing photographer since the publication's September 2010 inception.