#PeopleofCLE: Tyler, a keyboard wizard since 6

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Northeast Ohio is changing. These are the people shaping its future.

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Tyler Lisowski is a 23-year-old professional musician, DJ, and entertainer based in Cleveland. “My parents bought me a cheap keyboard from a garage sale, so I’ve been playing music since I was six years. It was such a cheap keyboard that half the keys didn’t even work, however I could not stop playing it. Somebody would play a little ditty on it for me, and I would play it back to them note for note. People were amazed that at the age of six I was able to do this, but I had no idea what I was doing. My parents, not sure what the outcome could be, decided to enroll me in piano lessons. I grasped onto the lessons at a very quick pace. I was going through one piano book every month. I was a diligent student, always practicing and putting the piano first. Then when I was 12, ... a family friend gave me a kid’s acoustic guitar. With the knowledge I had from the piano, I began to teach myself guitar. It wasn’t until college that I decided to take guitar lessons. It was ironic that all the stuff I taught myself was technically correct. Now ... I teach lessons for both instruments. I play solo gigs with music for all occasions. I perform with the Perfect Choice Wedding Band and also own and operate a professional music studio.” tylerlisowskimusic.com #peopleofcleveland #peopleofcle

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Nicky Grusenmeyer
Nicky Grusenmeyer

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