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Keeping it clean: Metroparks embraces green infrastructure to naturally treat stormwater runoff
The Cleveland Metroparks has slated four 2023 projects that will naturally clean millions of gallons of stormwater and expand the park system's stewardship of our fragile fresh water.
Building on hope: I_You Design Lab aims to give the displaced a sense of home
When his classmates in architecture school were dreaming of building skyscrapers and office towers, Sai Sindondit was dreaming of creating affordable, sustainable, and functional permanent communities to house displaced populations—from the homeless to refugees and disaster victims. With the launch of I_You Design Lab, he has started to fulfill that dream.  
Conquering barriers: One refugee’s story of fulfilling his career goals in Cleveland
When Democratic Republic of Congo native Juvens Niyonzima came to Cleveland in 2020, he hoped to get a job in media or in healthcare—two fields in which he had education and training. Instead, the only work he could get was a hospital cleaning job. New Bridge Cleveland and Ohio Media School put him on the road to success in his fields.
Continued evolution: Natural History Museum will reveal renovations, new exhibits this week
The Cleveland Museum of Natural History has unveiled the most recent renovations in its $150 million transformation project that will update and expand its both its offerings and physical square footage. 
In the thick of it: New MAGNET HQ designed as a neighborhood manufacturing linchpin
With MAGNET's new 53,000-square-foot headquarters now up and running in the Hough neighborhood, officials hope to demystify local manufacturing and draw a new, diverse pool of talent into the industry.
Where are the workers? Employers must adapt to worker sentiment post-COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic caused many people to rethink their priorities, their work environments, and career choices. As more workers head toward gig work and freelance work-from-home jobs, employers are looking for new ways to attract and retain workers in a dwindling workforce. 
A rising tide: Cleveland residents invest in making their neighborhoods better
Neighborhood disinvestment and quality housing are two of the top reasons why racism is considered a public health crisis. But residents in some Black Cleveland neighborhoods are investing time and effort to make their neighborhoods safe, bright, and beautiful.
The Allen-Sullivan House: Euclid Avenue Grande Dame takes its final bow
The Allen-Sullivan House, one of the last houses remaining on Millionaires' Row before it was torn down in 2021, has a colorful history of owners and uses. Architectural historian Angelina Bair chronicles its history and its fate.
What is Minority Businesses Enterprise Certification, and why business owners should get it
Obtaining city, state, or federal Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certification isn’t easy, but it can unlock some profitable business opportunities. Certification expert Raland Hatchett, president and CEO of RH Professional Services, shares his advice and tips on getting MBE certified.
Guiding light: Jan Ridgeway has spent years, her own money, on aiding CLE's most needy
For more than a dozen years, Jan Ridgeway has dedicated her time, and her own money, to Garden Valley Neighborhood House to feed and provide services to the residents living in one of Cleveland's poorest neighborhoods. 
Ingenuity Cleveland keeps creative fires burning with help from CDC friends
The St. Clair-Superior Development Corporation and Famicos Foundation tout the assets of this cultural melting pot of a neighborhood with community events like IngenuityFest, Ignite! Neighbor Nights, and the hands-on Bal Fundraiser.
The long-haulers: Long Covid clinics guide patients on the slow path to recovery
Long Covid causes a myriad of health problems that can last weeks, months, or even years—keeping two million to four million Americans out of work. Multi-disciplinary teams of medical experts at three of Cleveland's major hospital systems are working to alleviate the ailments of long-haulers with Long Covid clinics.
Life on stage: Two Baldwin Wallace alums land roles in Les Misérables national tour
Two recent Baldwin Wallace University graduates have landed their dream jobs with the national touring company of “Les Misérables.” Actor Eden Mau is in the ensemble and is an understudy for protagonist Cosette. Ethan Rogers portrays a member of the downtrodden working class and a revolutionary student fighting for freedom as a member of the ensemble. 
Cleveland and Columbus offer LGBTQ+ business certification, but no companies are certified
LGBTQ+ Business Enterprises are part of an intentional effort to create jobs, provide opportunities and build equity. But why aren't LGBTQ+ companies signing up for the certification?
Photo finish: The 2022 Towpath Marathon in photos
More than 1,000 runners competed on Saturday, Oct. 8 in Canalway's Towpath Trail marathon, half marathon, and 10K race. FreshWater managing photographer Bob Perkoski captured this year's event in this photo essay. 
Come together: Arts Innovation Summit seeks unity, collaboration in uncertain times
The 7th Annual Arts Innovation Summit & Performance at Baldwin Wallace University this week will cover diversity, collaboration, funding, and support for artists and the arts—with a conversation and performance by Mourning [A] BLKstar.
Food Justice: Many Clevelanders struggle for healthy, affordable food
There are many efforts are underway at farms, community gardens, markets, social service organizations, and public agencies to nourish communities like Cleveland—the nation’s poorest big city—where food deserts are common and healthy foods are not the cheapest, most affordable, or most accessible options. 
Ikenna Ogwuegbu: Healthcare mentor, advocate for removing barriers in the refugee community
Many immigrants are often hesitant to access the American healthcare system—primarily because many American providers don't understand their cultural backgrounds. One Nigerian-born pharmacist is trying to remove the  barriers in Cleveland's refugee community with IKON Health Foundation.
A weekend at IngenuityFest: Exploring the age of World’s Fairs
IngenuityFest made a roaring return last weekend, with entertainment, information, and celebration of World's Fairs. FreshWater's McKenna Reiss and managing photographer Bob Perkoski offer perspective on the weekend. 
Blazing trails: SCA Metroparks Trail Corps program involves youth in parks conservation
The Student Conservation Association Cleveland Metroparks Trail Corps program gets students and young adults involved in parks and land conservation efforts while they learn about environmental issues, build and repair trails along the Emerald Necklace, and spend a summer in the parks system.