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Peter B. Lewis bldg - photo Bob Perkoski

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West Elm opens in Pinecrest with a local twist

Breaking Ground Pinecrest

A big, sweet life is taking shape at Pinecrest

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The 8 Most Interesting Houses in Cleveland

Breaking Ground MidTown Tech Hive

MidTown is abuzz with the March opening of Tech Hive

Breaking Ground Creative Cohousing

Trend watch: Cohousing makes its way to Cleveland

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Here's something you won't find in Phoenix: A grand public mall flanked by Beaux Arts-style architectural gems built some 100 years ago. Stretching back to Daniel Burnham's grand Group Plan of 1903, the Cleveland skyline has been graced with epic structures boasting dignity, symmetry and grace. Complementing the historic architecture and design, today’s design and building community are looking at new ways to re-envision the city, from the redesign and update of Public Square to making connections from the city to the lakefront through green space and the proposed pedestrian bridge.