Diversity + Inclusion

If any word accurately describes Cleveland, it's diversity. By the late 19th century, 10 percent of the city's population was Irish. Next came the Germans, followed in successive waves by Italians, Poles, Hungarians, Slovenians and Slovakians. Today, the largest growth has been seen in the Asian and Hispanic communities. Cleveland has a history of welcoming the immigrant. Walk into the West Side Market on a busy morning and you might identify a dozen different tongues -- and we don't mean the kinds that come from tasty animals. Diversity is not only what defines a city; it's what makes a city great.

Positive momentum: Local CDC puts Buckeye neighborhood plan into motion
In August, Cleveland's City Planning Commission approved a new master plan designed by Burten, Bell, Carr Development to lift the Buckeye neighborhood from the swamp of disinvestment, structural racism, and population loss it has dwelled within for years.
Filling a need: Resource closets provide basic supplies and food to struggling Clevelanders
Too many Clevelanders, especially those living in the city's predominantly Black and underserved neighborhoods, struggle to make ends meet as a result of unemployment and underemployment. Many area organizations are working hard to meet the needs of people. Three Cleveland organizations are taking grassroots, creative approaches to supplying basic resources.
Conquering barriers: One refugee’s story of fulfilling his career goals in Cleveland
When Democratic Republic of Congo native Juvens Niyonzima came to Cleveland in 2020, he hoped to get a job in media or in healthcare—two fields in which he had education and training. Instead, the only work he could get was a hospital cleaning job. New Bridge Cleveland and Ohio Media School put him on the road to success in his fields.
Cleveland and Columbus offer LGBTQ+ business certification, but no companies are certified
LGBTQ+ Business Enterprises are part of an intentional effort to create jobs, provide opportunities and build equity. But why aren't LGBTQ+ companies signing up for the certification?
Food Justice: Many Clevelanders struggle for healthy, affordable food
There are many efforts are underway at farms, community gardens, markets, social service organizations, and public agencies to nourish communities like Cleveland—the nation’s poorest big city—where food deserts are common and healthy foods are not the cheapest, most affordable, or most accessible options. 
Ikenna Ogwuegbu: Healthcare mentor, advocate for removing barriers in the refugee community
Many immigrants are often hesitant to access the American healthcare system—primarily because many American providers don't understand their cultural backgrounds. One Nigerian-born pharmacist is trying to remove the  barriers in Cleveland's refugee community with IKON Health Foundation.
Preserving our cultural heritage: Cleveland Restoration Society gets $50,000 planning grant
The Cleveland Restoration Society just received $50,000 for a planning study to create a brick-and-mortar fund to preserve Cleveland's Black churches.
Experience the world: What to expect at One World Day 2022
This weekend, the Cleveland Cultural Gardens will host the 76th Annual One World Day to celebrate and honor Cleveland’s diverse cultural and ethnic makeup that represnts more than 30 countries around the world.
Cleveland’s Cultural Gardens: A landscape of diversity, looking toward the future
As the Cleveland Cultural Gardens continues to expand, plans are in various stages to install 10 new gardens. John Grabowski and Lauren Pacini look to the future in this fourth and final installment of this four-part series. 
Cleveland’s Cultural Gardens: A landscape of diversity, the later years
The 1965 Hart-Celler Act widened patterns of U.S. immigration beyond Europe. With that pattern came the origins of more than a dozen Cultural Gardens that represent Asia and Eastern Europe. Lauren Pacini chronicles this period of Cleveland Cultural Gardens history in this third installment of this four-part series. 
Cleveland’s Cultural Gardens: A landscape of diversity, the middle years
Only five Cultural Gardens were created in the last part of the 20th Century, compared to the 14 created between 1930 and 1940. Lauren Pacini chronicles this period of Cleveland Cultural Gardens history in this second installment of this four-part series. 
Cleveland’s Cultural Gardens: A landscape of diversity, the early years
In 1916, The Cleveland Cultural Gardens was established in Rockefeller Park in University Circle when the Shakespeare Garden was dedicated. Lauren Pacini chronicles the history of the Botanical Gardens in this four-part series. 
A man with a mission: Rev. Stephen Blonder Adams has big plans for the Old Stone Church
The Rev. Stephen C. Blonder Adams has a history with the Old Stone Church. Now, as the new head pastor, he wants to make sure everyone knows the church is open and welcoming to all, and is the heart of the Cleveland community.
Tour the world with music, dance with Cultural Gardens Federation’s World on Stage series
The Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation is giving Cleveland the sounds of the world this summer with its free World on Stage series, running through Sept. 11 at the Centennial Peace Plaza and amphitheater in University Circle. 
Two Ohio House bills threaten Cleveland’s only LGBTQ+ public school
Ohio’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill and a second bill that restricts access to LGBTQ+ healthcare are looming in the state legislature. 
#CLE-ative Groove: Meet Iris Gonzalez and Zoe Brown, dance teachers and co-founders of Island Beats
Our #CLEative Groove series features Q&A profiles on our city’s creative makers and shakers! Read on for our next installment with Iris Gonzalez and Zoe Brown, co-founders of Island Beats. 
Cleveland Heights City Council enacts LGBTQ+ equity and inclusion laws
The City of Cleveland Heights last week unanimously passed three ordinances that ensure equity and inclusion among LGBTQ+ residents, employees, and companies the city contracts with. 
Ohio's first LGBTQ-friendly apartments feel inclusive to some, like any other building to others
There aren't rainbow flags flying or posters touting gay-friendly events at A Place for Us—Ohio's first LGBTQ-friendly senior housing community. After six years, some say say the building is not fulfilling its promise to be a space that proactively supports older LGBTQ people, while other residents think the space is just fine the way it is.
Cleveland Heights celebrates Pride Month, Juneteenth by affirming that All Are, indeed, Welcome here
The City of Cleveland Heights' tag line is #AllAreWelcomeHere, and this month city officials showed they mean it when they raised the Progress Pride Flag and introduced new legislation prohibiting LGBTQ+ discrimination, as well as also raised the African-American flag to celebrate Juneteenth this past weekend.
Carl B. Stokes historic marker unveiled as second stop on the Cleveland Civil Rights Trail
The second Cleveland Civil Rights Trail marker, honoring the late Mayor Carl B. Stokes, was unveiled on Thursday, June 9 outside Cleveland City Hall.