Move to Cleveland

Breaking Ground  When the warehouses are demolished in 2021, it will also pave the way for future development in Cleveland by adding new infrastructure on a long-stagnant site.

Cleveland makes way for the 2021 NFL Draft on the lakefront

Feature Story Todd Barr and Dane Vanatter in front of their home in Glenville

I live here (now): Dane Vannatter

Street Level Scott O’Con and Jason Thompson

I Live Here (now): Jason Thompson and Scott O’Con

Cleveland has been in the news a lot lately about people wanting to visit and move back to the area at an unprecedented pace. (We all knew it was a matter of time before LeBron came back!) But this resurgence has been happening throughout the last decade, with the Cleveland metro-region attracting more educated young professionals and growing families. We are known nationally for our entrepreneurship through organizations like JumpStart and NorTech and new technologies and businesses are growing again. Global Cleveland was started several years ago to help attract newcomers to the city to enjoy the good quality of life, but to also help attract talent for our growing businesses.