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ryan o'donnell

Meet Ryan O’Donnell, founder of Sociagram, a cloud-based video communication platform with four employees.

Questions with ryan o'donnell


c. ethan smith

Meet C. Ethan Smith, founder of Roads Ahead et al, an apparel company based in East Cleveland with one employee.

Questions with c. ethan smith

ariane kirkpatrick

Meet Ariane Kirkpatrick, founder of AKA Construction Management Team, Inc., a construction company and commercial cleaning company with 47 employees.

Questions with ariane kirkpatrick

tom embrescia

Meet Tom Embrescia, founder of Second Generation, Ltd. and .JOBS.

Questions with tom embrescia


bruce bolton

Meet Bruce Bolton, founder of CourseBuffet in downtown Cleveland.

Questions with bruce bolton


matt wilhelm

Meet Matt Wilhelm, founder of enCompass Group in Tyler Village.

Questions with matt wilhelm

jack bialosky

Meet Jack Bialosky, Sr., founder of Bialosky and Partners Architects.

Questions with jack bialosky

jeremy flack

Meet Jeremy Flack, founder of Flack Steel.

Questions with jeremy flack

Flack Steel

james gasparatos

Meet James Gasparatos, founder of  Gigfinity.

Questions with james gasparatos


jim hickey

Meet Jim Hickey, founder of Arras Keathley, a strategic brand development and marketing communications firm.

Questions with jim hickey

Arras Keathley

rick pollack

Meet Rick Pollack, founder of  MakerGear.

Questions with rick pollack


mark goren

Meet Mark Goren, founder of Point to Point.

Questions with mark goren

Point to Point

dawn hanson

Meet Dawn Hanson, founder of the Fairmount Group.

Questions with dawn hanson

todd goldstein

Meet Todd Goldstein, co-founder of LaunchHouse.

Questions with todd goldstein


dan t. moore

Meet Dan T. Moore, founder of the Dan T. Moore Co., parent company to 14 manufacturing companies.

Questions with dan t. moore

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